Monday, August 13, 2012

Mt. Mabilog (441+)

San Pablo and Nagcarlan, Laguna

Major jumpoff: Purok 3 (Sandig), Brgy. Sta. Catalina, San Pablo
Alternate jumpoffs: (1) Brgy. Sulsuguin, Nagcarlan
(2) Lake Pandin, Brgy. Sto. Angel, San Pablo
LLA: 14°7'57"N, 121°21'30"E, 441 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-3 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 2/9, Trail class 1-3
Features: Views of Southern Tagalog mountains and lakes

Nestled between the beautiful lakes of San Pablo City are mountainous terrains that straddle the city's borders with nearby Nagcarlan and Calauan. Although they are dwarfed by surrounding giants, such as Mts. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal, and the more distant Mt. Makiling, these mountains and hills are worthy destinations: they offer nice views of the mountains and the lakes; and they are also a trip to the heartland of the Southern Tagalog region, much like Manabu Peak and Mt. Malipunyo.

Among these peaks is Mt. Mabilog, which sits at the border of Brgy. Sta. Catalina, San Pablo, and Brgy. Sulsuguin, Nagcarlan. At 428 MASL, it is shorter than nearby Mts. Kalisungan and Atimla, but it is closer to the lakes, being within the city limits of San Pablo. Perhaps it is the rounded plateau that serves as the summit of this mountain that gave rise to its name, which means "round".

There are at least three trails to Mt. Mabilog. The first, which the blogger used, is the western trail from Brgy. Sta. Catalina. The second is the southern trail from Brgy. Sto Angel, also in San Pablo. The third is the eastern trail from Brgy. Sulsuguin in Nagcarlan. The second and third trails are lakeshore trails. Traverses are very possible, but take note that these trails are not that established, and requires some navigational skills.
This trail starts off at Purok 3 (Sandig), at the end of the cement road. From there, go straight and follow the footpaths, then turn right and ascent to a ridgeline that is marked by coconut trees. Beyond the ridge, you will encounter a house; follow the terrain going up until you reach the summit.

This trail is preferred by many who would like to use the opportunity to visit two of San Pablo's Seven Lakes -- and also the most pristine: Lakes Pandin and Yambo, themselves beautiful points of interest in Laguna. From Pandin, take the footpath to the left, and follow through until you reach a ridgeline, which offers views of Mt. Yambo. Follow through, towards Mt. Mabilog.

This trail is unique because it comes off from Nagcarlan; starting off from the Lake Yambo shore at Brgy. Sulsuguin. The ascent is straightforward, WNW, towards Mt. Mabilog; though as with the two other trails, it is best to get a guide since there are numerous foot trails.

In all of these trails, the characteristic environment is that of coconut and banana fields interspersed with forest and fruit trees, culminate in a somewhat steep ascent that leads to a wide summit that serves as campsite. Muddy trails must be expected during rainy season, as the trails are also used by locals, as well as their horses and carabaos, to go about their livelihood.

The campsite is overgrown during the rainy season, but it is a wide plateau during the dry season, and as mentioned, it is an excellent viewpoint not only for the lakes, but also for the mountains. You can behold the majestic Banahaw Trilogy (SE) right behind the twin lakes of Pandin and Yambo; catch a glimpse of Sampaloc Lake and the city proper of San Pablo (S), the Malipunyo Range (SSW), Mt. Makiling (W), Mt. Kalisungan (NNW), and Mt. Atimla (N).

Overall, Mt. Mabilog is a very nice and relatively easy destination in Laguna. It is recommended both as a dayhike and an overnight destination, especially in conjunction with a visit to the lakes.

Note: These itineraries are under development. Feedback is most appreciated!


0400 Take Lucena-bound bus from Manila
0630 ETA San Pablo City. Breakfast
0700 Take tricycle to Ilog-bound jeepney
*Note: Tell trike to take you to the jeeps headed to Sta. Catalina
0730 ETD for Purok 3, Sta. Catalina
0800 ETA Sta. Catalina
0830 Start trekking
1000 Arrival at Ta Nilo's Hut
1100 ETA Summit. Early lunch.
1130 Start descent
1300 Back at Purok 3, Sta. Catalina
1330 Take jeepney back to San Pablo
1400 ETA San Pablo. Take trike to Maharlika Highway
1430 From Highway, take bus back to Manila
1700 ETA Manila


0400 Take Lucena-bound bus from Manila
0630 ETA San Pablo City. Breakfast
0700 Take tricycle to Nagcarlan-bound jeepney
*Note: Tell trike to take you to the jeeps headed to Nagcarlan
0730 ETD for Lake Pandin, Sto. Angel
0800 ETA Brgy. Sto. Angel
0830 Start trekking
0900 Arrival at rest at Lake Pandin
0930 Head up to Lake Yambo Viewpoint; Follow through
1130 ETA Summit. Early lunch.
1230 Start descent
1400 Back at Lake Pandin. Walk back to jumpoff
1430 Take jeepney back to San Pablo
1500 ETA San Pablo. Take trike to Maharlika Highway
1530 From Highway, take bus back to Manila
1800 ETA Manila


0400 Take Lucena-bound bus from Manila
0630 ETA San Pablo City. Breakfast
0700 Take tricycle to Nagcarlan-bound jeepney
*Note: Tell trike to take you to the jeeps headed to Nagcarlan
0715 ETD for Nagcarlan
0800 ETA Nagcarlan; Take trike to Lake Yambo, Brgy. Sulsuguin
0820 ETA Lake Yambo (8 kms. from town center). Secure guides.
0845 Start trekking
1130 ETA Summit. Early lunch.
1230 Start descent
1400 Back at Lake Yambo. Tidy up / Raft at the lake
1500 Take trike back to Nagcarlan
1530 Take jeepney from Nagcarlan to San Pablo
1615 ETA San Pablo. Take trike to Maharlika Highway
1630 From Highway, take bus back to Manila
1700 ETA Manila

*Note: It is possible to combine two different trails in a 'rosary trail' fashion (i.e. Sto. Angel-Sulsuguin) or a true traverse (i.e. Sto. Angel-Sta. Catalina).


Getting there. Buses to Lucena are available in Cubao (MRT3: Araneta Center - Cubao; LRT2: Cubao Station) and Buendia (LRT1: Gil Puyat Stn.). To San Pablo City, the fare is P127 as of August 2012. From the highway, take a tricycle to the jeepney terminal -- always ask where it is, as the parking areas for jeepneys change every so often. The fare is P11 for Sta. Catalina and Sto. Angel. It is also possible to charter a tricycle for P150, one-way. The fare is P25 from San Pablo to Nagcarlan, and P100 for a tricycle from Nagcarlan to Lake Yambo. 

Registration and guides. Barangay officials are friendly and can provide guides (optional) to accompany. Trails are confusing; if you do not have enough time to explore the area, better get a local guide to accompany you (guide fees are not fixed; P300 is reasonable for a half-day hike). There are no registration fees collected as of December 2012 for any of the jumpoffs. Since some parts of the trails are private property, note that policies may change.

Hiking notes. Brace yourself for muddy trails, and mosquitoes and other insects. Insect repellent is a must.

Camping notes. The campsite of choice is the summit itself; which is very wide and spacious; however, there are no water sources. Cellphone signal is present throughout the trail.

Views of, as well as the opportunity to visit Lakes Pandin and Yambo, comprise the main attraction of a Mt. Mabilog trek.

Another lake than can be glimpsed from the summit is the most famous of them all - Sampaloc Lake right at the city center of San Pablo.

Mt. Makiling can be seen at the west, from Mt. Mabilog's summit

Another notable mountain that is visible from Mt. Mabilog is nearby Mt. Kalisungan (NNW).

The campsite, although wide, can be overgrown during the rainy season.

The blogger's account of Mt. Mabilog via Sta. Catalina can be found in Hiking matters #283; the two other trails (Sto. Angel and Sulsuguin) are narrated in Hiking matters #315. San Pablo City, where this mountain is located, is the blogger's hometown.

Mt. Mabilog is one of four hiking destinations in PinoyMountaineer which offer views of at least three of the Seven Lakes of San Pablo. The other three are Mt. Cristobal, Tayak Hill, and Mt. Kalisungan.


Anonymous said...

I Love Mt. Mabilog!!!

Share ko lang po IT nmin nung umakyat kami sa mt. mabilog,.pwede po yan diretso sidetrip to Bunga Falls ( Twin Falls ) pati na din sa Underground Cemetery:)


Day 1
07:00 Assembly of Participants (7/11 Taft Buendia)
08:00 ETD from Buendia to San Pablo
10:00 ETA San Pablo (Lianas) Rent Jeepney, Buy Supplies
11:00 ETD From San Pablo to Lake Pandin Jumpoff
11:45 ETA Lake Pandin Trail, Start Trek to Lake Pandin
12:00 ETA Lake Pandin, Lunch, (Renting a Balsa is optional)
01:00 packs on back; ready for trek
01:30 ETA Lake Yambo View (Jacinta’s Peak )
02:30 ETA Clearing (Lake View and Puno ng Suha) Proceed to Lansonesan
04:00 ETA Summit camp, Explore the summit
05:00 Set camp; dinner preparation
07:00 Dinner/socials

Day 2
06:00 Wake up call/ Rise and Shine/ breakfast/ break camp
08:00 Packs on back; start descend Lansonesan to Lake Yambo and Lake Pandin
10:00 ETA Lake Pandin
10:30 ETD Proceed to Brgy. Bunga, Nagcarlan Laguna
11:30 ETA Brgy. Bunga, 5 mins trek to Bunga Falls ( Twin Falls ) / regs fee P5 / Cottage P150
12:00 Lunch, Swim, Photo opt
04:00 Wash up
05:00 ETD Brgy. Bunga proceed to San Pablo
06:00 ETA San Pablo,
08:00 ETA Buendia

Mt. Mabilog, is named after its shape is a property which is privately owned by Sir Elmer Reyes and his family for over 50 years along with JACINTA’s Peak (named after Sir Elmer’s mom),which is the highest point around Lake Yambo and the gate way to Mt. Mabilog.



MIGS said...

Ganda ng Camp site dito, malaki.

May nilagay akong trail signs dyan sa sta Catalina trail. well i guess di na klaro yun that was June 2011 and yun na siguro ang huling climb.

this was are Itinerary

and im sharing picture of our Mabilog hike, birthday climb of Kidlat


Anonymous said...

Nov. 2 2012,the day we climb Mt.Mabilog,warm up climb namin after several months kaming hindi umakyat ,it was fun ,safe ,medyo nakakalito lang ang trail .ok sya para sa bigginer.mababait ang mga locals .pwede din magdala ng sasakyan ,san angel trail kami nag jump off at least 2 lakes of san pablo ang madadaanan ,pandin lake at yambo lake hindi po mainit ang trail medyo mapuno po kasi .no need for registration.ang next climb namin Mt.Kalisungan



Anonymous said...

san kayo nagiwan ng sasakyan? safe ba yung area? salamat.

Anonymous said...

Just want to share our climb and tree planting activity at Mt. Mabilog last Nov. 25, 2012.
We used Sto. Angel (South trail). May parking din po dun, may nagbabantay kaya safe po ang sasakyan. Magbigay nalang po kayo ng parking fee.

Before we proceed to Brgy. Sto. Angel, we met Sir Elmer Reyes (they own the property) at San Pablo Cathedral. He helped us how to get there and he also arranged guide for us (kuya Segundo).
It is advisable to have a guide since nakakalito ang trail at walang mga sign and para makatulong na rin sa locals.
When we reached Jacinta's peak, kuya Kennie (caretaker) is waiting for us. He prepared tools and water for our tree planting activity.
We reached summit at 1100. We noticed na medyo mainit nga dahil sa kakulangan sa puno so we realized na kailangan talagang madagdagan ng puno sa part na yun. But we only have 30 mahogany trees.

To all mountaineers who will climb Mt. Mabilog, our group is asking for a favor.
Please help us to check the plants and if possible please bring extra water for it. Nilagyan po namin ng stick/stake para mas madaling makita.
We are also inviting your group to do tree planting activity.

Kudos Mountaineers!

Sally of T.U.N.G.K.O.D.

freeclimbers said...

Good day, would like to ask if Sto. Angel trail is easy to follow? I am planning to pursue this trail this coming weekend. Thank you. BTW, I come from Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Anonymous said...

Kakagaling lang po namin dito, mabilis lang namin inakyat, 2 oras pataas, 1 oras pababa. 300 ung rate per guide, tapos ung tumatayong presidente doon ay si Ma'am Christine. Ito yung number niya 09079952983. Contact niyo na lang po siya kung aakyat kayo para ma-arrange ng maayos ang guide niyo.

Anonymous said...

You can add Lake Hopping (7 Lakes of San Pablo) sa IT nyo dito, then Underground Cemetery at Bunga Falls sa Nagcarlan, Laguna. Just a few minutes away.

mchale fortuna said...

we'll go here on may 20 next monday . 4 lng kame . puro noob . u might wanna lead us .or join . just pm me sir ma'am

mchale fortuna said...

sched po nmen here on may 20 next monday . 4 lng kame .
baka gusto nio sumabay mga sir ma'am
just pm me

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir / Ma'am, Good Day! Meron po ba umakyat sa mountain na ito lately? wala po kasing new comments since may 2013. Our group is planning to have a climb this month here. We would like to ask kung saan po ung madaling trail sa mount mabilog? tsaka po which trail will be more convenient kung galing po sa alabang?

Thank you po!

Anonymous said...

Share ko lang po experience namin kanina sa Mt. Mabilog. I LOST ONE OF MY COOKING POT THERE. Pilit ko mang isipin na i was taken by a dog pero isang buong POT ang nawala overnight. May natira pa itong laman ( ulam namin kagabi) kay di ko muna niligpit at nawala na din sa isip ko na ligpitin. Anyway... Gaya nga ng sinabi ko... Iniisip namin na aso ang tumangay neto pero impossible kase may takip yun na kung ngipinin man ng aso (pag angat ng ulo nya e mahuhulog na ang takip.) at makakain na ng aso ang laman neto. PERO wala! ni takip ng pot ko e wala. Umikot na kame sa perimeter pero wala talaga kameng makita. Sige sabihin natin na aso ang kuhuma ASO... ASO NA MAY KAMAY NA KAYANG BITBITIN ANG POT. ANG TINDE MGA KAPATID. AND ADDITION TO IT. MAY BANTAY KAME "KUNO" NA GALING SA BRGY.YAMBO. NA MAGBABANTAY "KUNO"




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