Do-it-Yourself Mt. Pulag via Ambangeg: The Complete Guide and FAQs

Do you really need a big group, or a tour, to climb Mt. Pulag? Not at all! This article is an instructional guide for individuals and small groups who wish to do Mt. Pulag by themselves, that is, without availing of a tour. The itineraries that I will be offering in this article are completely dependent on public transportation, or at least, minimizing the need for jeepney rentals. Of course, it cannot be denied that chartering jeepneys or availing of tour groups make it much more convenient. However, for those who have extra time and willingness to take more stops and public transportation, here is a page for you.

Visit the main Mt. Pulag via Ambangeg page in PinoyMountaineer.

Manila-Baguio-Manila via Victory 920
Taxi to Slaughterhouse and back 100
Baguio-Bokod-Baguio via A-Liner 250^
Bokod-Babadak-Bokod via habal-habal 400*
Registration fee in Mt. Pulag 225
Guide fee (P1000/group)



^10 is the number of persons that would make chartering a jeepney almost as expensive than taking public transportation, assuming 1:1 ratio for habal-habal rides.
*It might be possible for two persons to take one habal-habal

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Emerita Albas +639196315402 – Tell her you are climbing Mt. Pulag on these dates.


Day 1
0100 Take bus from Manila to Baguio City
0700 ETA Baguio City Baguio City. Breakfast/Supplies
0800 Head to the bus terminal at Old Slaughterhouse
0900 Take A-Liner bus bound for Kabayan
1200 ETA Visitors’ Center. Registration / Orientation / Lunch
1300 Set out for Ranger Station via habal-habal
1400 ETA at Ranger Station; secure guide; Start trek
1700 ETA Camp 2. Set up camp
1800 Dinner at campsite; socials

Day 2
0430 Early morning trek to summit for sunrise
0545 Arrival at summit just in time for sunrise
0700 Start descent from summit
0800 Back at Camp 2; breakfast
0900 Decamp; start descent to Ranger Station
1130 Back at Ranger; Settle guide fees; take
1200 Back at Visitors’ Center. Wait for bus back to Baguio*
1600 ETA Baguio City.
1900 Head back to Manila

*Note: Be sure to ask for the last trip. If the Kabayan-Baguio last trip has already passed through it may be possible to ask the habal-habal to take you instead to the the Bokod junction (for an additional 50 pesos or less) and wait there for the Baguio-bound buses coming from Kayapa.

1. Do you have contact numbers of habal-habal drivers in Mt. Pulag?
I don’t think you need them, because these vehicles are becoming somewhat of a major form of transport in the area, and thuse they are fairly common. As soon as you arrive in Ambangeg, make known your intention to take habal-habals on the way to the Ranger Station
2. Will taking the bus delay the itinerary?
It will delay the itinerary a bit, because you will arrive at the Ranger Station 2-3 hours behind the usual IT which uses chartered jeepneys. But because the hike in Day 1 is quite easy, it’s not really much of a big deal. Just make sure you bring your headlamps (you’ll need them anyway for the summit assault the next day)
3. I am a foreigner. Are the costs here applicable to me?
Yes they are applicable. The only possible difference is if the Mt. Pulag National Park charges you the foreigner’s rate for the entrance, which I think is around US$10-$15.
4. Are guides really required?
Yes, it is the policy of the Mt. Pulag National Park to require guides. One way to go around this requirement is teaming up with people you meet at the Visitors’ Center or Ranger Station: you may want to tag along and just share the guide fee with another group. This is a good idea for solo or duo hikers. Anyway, the trail is easy enough to follow without the constant attention of a guide. 
5. I still find this too expensive. Is there any other alternative?
If you are willing to night trek on the first day (or if you’re a really fast hiker), you can possibly walk the entire length from Ambangeg to Babadak, which would take about 3-4 hours, and down, which takes 2-3 hours. This will save you P400 (if you’re taking a habal-habal) but note that transportation options to Baguio begin to dim by mid-afternoon. So in general I do not advise this.

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8 years 9 months ago

Sino Po Aaakyat Sa Inyo This November 28-29?
Pede Po ba Kaming Makisabay?
From Manila To Baguio Po

If Meron Po Text Nyo Po Ako 09289874770

8 years 6 months ago

gusto ko rin sumama this nov. las pinas here/ 09157075773

8 years 11 months ago

Good day mountaineers! We're a small group of newbie mountaineers planning to climb Mt. Pulag next thursday, May 28-29. Itll be the first for the most of us. Any advice regarding transpo, guides, organizers, etc etc you can share to us? From what i've heard, maulan na daw po ngaun? Any help would be appreciated 🙂 Thanks!
Hit me up 09257825882

9 years 1 day ago

hi! sino balak pumunta this coming may20-21? punta kami ng friends ko and 3 lang kami. contact niyo ako if you want to join 🙂 09369696978 🙂

9 years 18 days ago

possible po kaya na dretso na from baguio
to ranger station or national park for registration and hanap ng tourguide for hiking to mt. pulag or need po prior reservation bago makaakyat ng mt. pulag?..thanks!..:)

9 years 28 days ago

im actually planning to hike alone on April 25. ang problema ko lng is first time ko aakyatin ang mt. pulag. meron ba agad guide na available dun if ever i arrive there unexpectedly?