Monday, February 4, 2008

Mt. Pulag/Akiki Trail (2,922+)

Kabayan, Benguet
Major jump-off: Brgy. Doacan, Kabayan (Akiki)
LLA: 16°34'58"N 120°53'15"E, 2922 MASL
Hours to summit / Days required: 10-11 hours / 2-4 days
Specs: Major Climb, Difficulty 7/9, Trail class 3

This article focuses on the Akiki Trail of Mt. Pulag. For a more general overview of the mountain and a discussion of its basic trail, the Ambangeg, please visit this page in PinoyMountaineer.

Please visit the Mountain News (02/21/13) released on for the latest on Mt. Pulag.

The Akiki trail is a more challenging route to Mt. Pulag, dubbed as the "Killer Trail" by mountaineers because of its steep slopes. It requires 10-11 hours to reach the summit from this trail, whose up-and-down paths pass by Eddet River (2 hours) where one can camp, rest, and bathe, and continuing across steep, scenic pine-covered slopes to what is dubbed as Marlboro Country (4-hours), so-called because its brown, wide landscapes evoke those seen in the cigarette commercials. Just like the other trails to Pulag, this trail would then pass by the montane forest (3 hours) until reach the grassland area. After the challenging trek, the summit views are rewarding, and the saddle campsite affords a closer access to the summit, being just 15 minutes away.

The name of the trail is onomatopeiac in origin, derived from the small brids whose high-pitched chirped sounds like "Aki-ki-ki...". It is unsurprising that this trail would be named after a bird call, because Mt. Pulag is a bird sanctuary, home to 143 species of birds. Rare species include the whiskered pitta (Pitta koctri) and the Luzon water-redstart (Rhyacomis bicolor).

For more background about Mt. Pulag, refer to the other Mt. Pulag articles in Pinoy Mountaineer.

(Akiki-Ambangeg with rented jeepney)

Day 0
2300 Bus from Manila to Baguio City

Day 1
0500 ETA Baguio City. Breakfast then proceed to jeepney terminal/chartered jeep.
0700 Take chartered jeepney to Akiki, Kabayan. Early lunch at any stopover.
1200 Arrival at Akiki jump-off; commence trek on steep trail.
1300 ETA Ranger Station. Register. Secure guides.
1330 Start 2-hour trek to Eddet River
1630 ETA Eddet River; set up camp.
1800 Dinner / socials

Day 2
0400 Wake up call. Prepare breakfast.
0430 Breakfast
0530 Break camp
0700 Start 3-4 hr trek to Marlboro Country
1100 Have early lunch at Marlboro country (water source)
1200 Commence 3-hour trek through montane forest.
1430 End of forest line (2600 MASL); Reach Grassland.
1600 ETA Saddle campsite; set up camp.
1730 Assault to summit. Sunset.
1900 Dinner / socials

Day 3
0530 Early morning trek to summit
0545 Arrival at summit just in time for sunrise
0630 Back at campsite; breakfast
0730 Break camp
0800 Start descent via Ambangeg trail
0900 From Camp 2, resume descent to Babadak Ranger Station
1130 ETA Ranger Stn; Settle guide fees; jeepney descent
1230 At DENR-PAO; tidy up and log out.
1400 Head back to Baguio City
1700 ETA Baguio City. Buy return tickets. Dinner.
1900 Head back to Manila

*With improved road conditions, it is now easier to do a two-day Akiki-Ambangeg Traverse of Mt. Pulag. Leave early from Baguio City and simply follow the itinerary, continuing all the way to the saddle campsite on Day 1. Day 2 would feature the summit and the descent down Ambangeg Trail.


Please read the Terms of Use for using information in this website.

Public (1) Bus, Cubao or Pasay to Baguio City [P460, 6-7 hours]
(2) Rented jeep to Akiki trailhead [P8500 for up to 18 persons, 3-4 hours] or public bus in Dangwa, Baguio City i.e. A-Liner [P150/person, 5-6 hours] 
Public (1) From Ambangeg Ranger Station, either walk down to Visitor's Center, take habal-habal, or rented jeep; (2) Continue with rented jeep or take bus back to Baguio; (3) Baguio to Manila by bus.

IMPORTANT: Take note that public bus schedules are very limited - usually just 1-2 trips per day

Private: NLEX>SCTEX>TPLEX>Marcos Highway or Kennon Road>Baguio City then take road to Kabayan via Itogon then stop at the Akiki trailhead. Have your vehicle wait for you at the Ambangeg Ranger Station or the Visitor's Center if you are exiting via Ambangeg.
Mandatory orientation and registration at the Visitor's Center (even if doing Akiki), total fees P225/person plus another registration /  additional P50 at the Akiki Ranger Station 
Guides are secured at the Akiki Ranger Station; a system is in place and no prior communication is required. The rate is P1800/guide for 1-8 persons for the whole trip. Porters may also be secured at P1500/for the whole trip.
DENR-PASU (Mereng) - 09196315402
Note: The DENR-PASU has requested PinoyMountaineer not to post numbers of transportation contacts that are not accredited with them.
Disclaimer: contact numbers are listed for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of any services. 
Grassland campsite (Camp II) and Saddle campsite (Camp III)
Water sources
(1) Eddet River
(2) Near Marlboro Country campsite - 20 meters up the trail 
Cellphone signal
Present in most parts of the trail, sporadic but present in summit
River crossings
None; There is a hanging bridge over Eddet River 
Roped segments
Hiking notes 
The temperature in Mt. Pulag can reach zero or subzero levels especially from December to February; hikers should be prepared for cold weather throughout the year. 
Mt. Tabayoc and the Four Lakes in the far side of the park, other Cordillera peaks. 
Alternate trails
You do not have to descend via Ambangeg. Consider the Tawangan orAmbaguio trails as for your descent. 
Theoretically yes (7-9 hours to summit; 2-3 hours down via Ambangeg) but logistically difficult if coming from Baguio. 
DIY 2500-3000
Guided tours 4000 and up


Miscellaneous. You can buy souvenir bonnets (P35) and shirts (P180) at the Protected Area Office. Also, you can leave your group or personal effects (i.e. IDs, pictures, posters) to join the memorabilia displayed at the office lobby. If you wish to have climb certificates, you can print them in advance, leave them before you climb, and pick it up upon signing out.

Shown here are the trails of Mt. Pulag, with Ambangeg as the main trail, and Akiki, Tawangan, and Ambaguio as the more challenging ones.

Eddet River is the first landmark that one would encounter during the trek. It also commonly serves as the first campsite.

Trekking amid pine trees is the defining character of the Akiki Trail.

Here the steep slope of the pine-surrounded trails can be better appreciated.

"Marlboro Country" is both a vantage point and open space that can serve as a campsite, with a nearby water source.

The reward of Mt. Pulag's summit is hard-earned after a climb up the Akiki Trail (Picture courtesy of Quincy, one of the participants of the First Annual Charity Climb)

There are two schools of thought as to the origin of Mt. Pulag's name: Some say it is derived from the Ibaloi word 'pulag' means 'to fall down', reflecting its towering height. Others believe it is from the the Kalanguya word 'napulogan' which means bald - referring to its treeless grassland summit. Either way, it is a sacred ground to the locals of the region, to the locals of the region. Animism (worship of natural objects such as trees, animals) still exists in some areas in Benguet, and they believe that ancestral spirits roam in the mountain. This gives rise to Pulag's being called the "Playground of the gods".

For those seeking a greater challenge, it is possible to do a three-day Akiki-Ambaguio Traverse, combining the steepest (Akiki) and longest (Ambaguio) trails of Luzon's highest mountain! This Pulag Crossover was done by the blogger in December 2010 and is narrated in Hiking matters 115-117. The blogger also did a two-day Akiki-Tawangan Traverse in 2012. 


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Anonymous said...

nagtaas na po ba yung a-liner? kasi nung kami po ang bayad namin is 127 per head (nov07).

Anino said...

Ang galing dahil kumpleto!Keep on posting!

gideon said...

thanks for the fare correction sa akiki. we took a rented jeep the last time so i wasn't able to verify the bus fares.

to anino: salamat!

Anonymous said...

sure no prob sir :) :) overall, i love the whole article. more power and keep the passion burning :)

Anonymous said...

all the sweat, the cramps, the fatigue... what for? for the heavenly view!!

sarap balik balikan XD

Anonymous said...

sir pwede po ba hindi na kumuha ng guide sa Akiki-ambangeg trail? baka po kasi 3-4 person lang kami sa group.kulang na po sa budget para sa guide...are we still gona be allowed to climb? great site by the way...very informative po.

gideon said...

it is park policy not to allow anybody without a guide. the best person to ask is ma'am tamiray herself. you can explain to her your situation and maybe a solution will present itself. for example, there might be a group climbing at the same time as you are, and they may be willing to have you share a guide with them. good luck!

Anonymous said...

ganda ng blog nyo keep up! galing lng kmi akiki feb 24, huh haa haay hah haaa haaa haa ah aah

gideon said...

thanks mam/sir!

saku said...

sir magkano po budget para sa pulag climb? nagpaplano po kasi ang grupo by december?

gideon said...

hi saku, it depends on the number of persons in your group. the ideal size is 15 - sakto sa jeep. in that case, around 3k would cover everything including (1) bus from manila-baguio - 800 (2) camping fees - 200+; (3) share sa jeepney rent - 800; (4) share sa guide fees - 400 and the rest for food and other stuff.

domengzhu said...

never the less
pinaka major for me
akiki2x-up n down 00
walang katapusan na lakad
mura pa nun 800 lang(transpo)
d mandatory guide pero may green fee pa rin..ewan q ba..habang tumatagal,nasisira mountaineering legacy d2 satin..(not all,actually the newbies who just think its camping)mountaineering is not a sport,its a lifestyle,ryt sir gidz? hehe..

gideon said...

@domengzhu, i agree. my experience in serious climbing is limited to the time after halcon closed but it is my observation that the label 'mountaineer' is being diluted. everyone is calling him/herself as a mountaineer but not everyone is adhering to the rules and regulations that being a mountaineer entails.

but i am hopeful that in general, the increased interest in the outdoors will ultimately be good as it will highlight awareness of the beauty of our outdoors, and the need to protect it.

jepoy said...

sir gud day po..
last tym ko sa pulag is last
holy week ng 2003 via ambangeg trail.. miss ko na pulag.. sbrang ganda lalo na sa camp site mkakasalubong mo ung mga ulap..
tanong ko lng po if ano pinagkaiba ng akiki trail? kya po b ng mga unseasoned climbers un?
ask ko lng din po if anong dam ung nadaanan namin papuntang jump off?

jepoy said...

sir nagpaplano po kmi umakyat ng mga klasmeyt ko nung college by this august.. problema po is most of them is 1st or 2nd tym pa lng umaakyat.. Ako naman po mdyo around 8 na akyat na kya lng last ko is nung holy week pa nung 2007 sa buntot palos.. no po b magandang akyatan namin? e2 po ung mga pinagpipilian ko:

gulugod baboy

gideon said...


mountain climbing is a subjective experience and i really say if a mountain is easy or not. however, i can speak of difficulty in relation to other mountains/trails as far as i know. that's why we have a difficulty scale. Akiki being 6/9 and Ambangeg being 3/9 means that Akiki is roughly twice the difficulty of Ambangeg -- but this is also subjective.

as for the mountains you mentioned, i have a preference for mt. batulao. the rainy season would make malipunyo too bothersome for a fun climb. talamitam an sembrano's views are not that impressive, and gulugod baboy and daguldol are nice but access is relatively harder.

on the other hand, batulao is just one ride away from manila, it is close to tagaytay; the trail is challending, and the views are rewarding. just beware of the mud!

jepoy said...

sir thanks po sa info.. so nkabuo na po ko ng plano batulao na po aakyatin namin.. prepably by august 30.. sir ask ko lng kung advisable po b mg overnyt since wlang water sources.. thanks po..

bobjhie93 said...

nice site sir, question lang, sir, san na po ba ang jeepney terminal sa baguio?

gideon said...

@jepoy: are you referring to batulao or pulag? either way, yes, overnights are frequently and customarily done by hikers.

@bobjhie: there are several terminals in baguio at the foot of session within the burnham park area.

the dangwa / old slaughterhouse terminal is the one where you can get buses headed for sagada, pulag, et al

incredibleTHots said...

Sir update lang po sa VIctory Fare from Pasay to Baguio. P465 na po yung fare. May climb po kasi kami sa Oct 30 - Nov 2.

Thots of Kamandag Mountaineers

xdennisx said...

hi sir gid. anyone here knows ambaguio trail? what's the difficulty of ambaguio compare to akiki? thanks and more power ^___^

gideon said...

hi thots, thanks for the update.

as for the ambaguio trail, the UP baguio mountaineers speak highly of it. it is longer, but less steep, as compared with the akiki trail and the variety of environments is refreshing daw. actually im planning to do a pulag via ambaguio climb as well to complete the four major trails in my blog.

i hope someone who is more familiar with the trail answers your question too,...and an itinerary would be greatly appreciated.

piknikers mountaineers said...

Dear sir & mam,
PIKNIKERS MOUNTAINEERS will be going to Kalinga Apayao on January 2009 to do a MEDICAL MISSION. The activity will be lead by Piknikers Members, Doctors, surgeons and Film Director Tarik. all members of piknikers. This will help the locals to have knowledge about first aid and life saving medicines. they will be also check about their health conditions and will be given free medicines and vitamins. the activity will take about 10 to 15 days. we will also share our music to them by the performance of the musicians SLUDGE FACTORY Band.....
in case you have anything to contribute like, medicine, old clothes or anything you think might help them. (no cash please) you can send it thru us.. you may contact us at email: or leave a message in our friendster with the same email address.
thank you very much guys. promise we will also go to the unexplored mountains there and share the IT with you.

jd ng Trinity Outdoor Club said...

Sir Gideon. good day 2u & to all Mountaineers out there...i was just looking at some details about Mt.Pundaquit tru it was really a big help 4me & i think 2 all other pips who want to go outdoors. Then i suddenly saw a blog fr certain domengzhu..Bout mountaineering legacy etc..coz like you i also agree that it's been so different (Mountaineering). Ang dami ng binabayaran ng kng ano2x fees..& yet patuloy prin ang pag dami ng nasisirang Bundok na we used to climb before like Mt.Banahaw & other mountains..(too many to mention). Dec.1997 was my first time to go to Mt.Pulog..wla png DENR fees that time..fees just came out after d' so called "tribal wars" came up..i dunno d' real reason..anyways..kay dna ko nka balik kagad sa Pulog...nag mahal na kagad lahat ng fees..nkaka wlang gana na tuloy...pero inisip ko nlng na it was for d' good of d' mountain itself na maging limited nrin ang mga mka punta sa kanya..biglang nag usbungan ksi ang mga "thrill seekers" na wlang proper trainings, BMC's that will equipt them from taking care of d' environment as not a real blogger actually pero this helps to inform other people out there to more cautious about doing things specially outdoors...
More power to this site...i enjoy being here today..=)
tnxXx..see u all on top!!!

jd ng Trinity Outdoor Club said...

Sir gid..tanong lng po sir..May nka pag camp nb sa summit ng Anawangin? Kng wla baket kaya? Is it that difficult or dangerous from wild carabaos?
Un ksi balak nmin ds Nov1-3..mka pag camp overnyt sa summit then 2nd day sa cove nman..any advice??

gideon said...

hi jd..for the benefit of other readers i shall reply to you in the anawangin cove page of the site. tnx.

miracle said...

we, together with my sykes outdoor group,climbed thismountain last oct..we traverse the akiki-ambangeg trail which prove to a tough one..but thank god we had this trail for it helped us in preparing for our mt apo which we traversed last nov..

thanks guys for creating this site as this had become our guide as well as we choose which mountain will we try to conquer next.. though we believe in our group that it's not actually d mountain that we are conquering but ourselves and capabilities..

gideon said...

@miracle: im glad this was of help to you and good luck in your future climbs!

@maddog: yes the kabayan bus can drop you off at the start of the akiki trail - you just have to walk up the path right of the road.

gideon said...

@maddog: but registration is a must for any/all pulag climbs and the MPNP-PASU to drop by ambangeg, at the very least on the way down.

maddog said...

thank you sir gid 1 more question pagdaan namin ng denr for registration or orientation kay mam tamiray every hour ba may dumadaan na norton bus papuntang akiki jump off para may masakyan kami? last time kasi nong punta namin rent kami ng jeep 20 person kami noon pero ngayon 8 person lang kami medyo kapos sa budget.ty

Anonymous said...

hi sir gideon. this is kiko. my group is planning to climb mt. pulag akiki-ambangeg this april. i would like to ask if a-liner bus drops mountaineers/passengers near the akiki jump off point. mas ok po ba ang rented jeep or bus considering the cost? thanks

Anonymous said...

sir ...there is a bus going to kabayan coop from baguio, patras bus line. from kabayan you need to trek to the kabayan school or ride a tricycle. thats the trek going up akiki. i hope this thing helps. the bus is 115 per head going to kabayan. but correct me if im wrong. - wowoo

Anonymous said...

hi kiko, Yes there is a bus liner that pass by the akiki trail. You wont miss it because there is a large trail mark on the left. But since you will be going down to ambangeg trail, the problem arises when you are already going back to bagiuo. The last trip of the bus liner will pass by akiki around 12 in the afternoon meaning it will pass by on DENR roughly 1 or 2 pm.. Meaning you have to be on the DENR station on that time to catch the last trip. Also there is no guarantee that you can still fit in the bus since your just a chance passenger. Another note it will took you around 5-7 hours of trek from summit going down to DENR. Have a Safe climb good day..

Anonymous said...

sir.. dis is eric... ask lng po ako ksi mga 2-3 lng kmi ang my plan umakyat ng PULAg probbly this last week of feb of 1st or 2nd week of march.. d prob is first time po nmin.. wel ung is naming kasama ay hiker dn sa NEGROS.. PWD po kya??? prob po ung sa jeep... ano kya ung magandang gawin??? at sa budget po mga magkano kailangan e prepair???tnx..

Anonymous said...

sir eric, bka gus2 nyo mag join na lng tyo sa mt.pulag climb feb 20-22 ang climb nmin akiki-ambangeg trail kmi you can reach me thru dis # 09178380377. Abe of La Cuerdas Mountaineers

Anonymous said...

hello all, meron bang aakyat ng pulag ng march 28... my group is going to take ambangeg and i would really like to take the akiki route... so.. i need to tag along with mountaineers na aakyat ng pulag via akiki march 28.. if its ok.. nananwagan lang po.. -lime

Anonymous said...

sir gid, nu po latest update sa fare (baguio-kabayan-ranger station, camping fees, and guide fees. My group is planning to take Akiki trail this April..
Thanks a lot..


Anonymous said...

sir jiboy baka pwede sumama sa inyo sa akiki trail nyo this april. tnx

Anonymous said...

sir, tentative palang ung date for Pulag hike. mi group kasi is planning for ANAWANGIN trip. inform na lang kita kung matutuloy kami for Pulag this April..


Anonymous said...

just came from akiki last weekend...

fees @ DENR is at 225/person (camp, etc)
guides @ 1800/10 persons

Anonymous said...

mga kaberks q jn, ng increase n dw po ang fare goin' to baguio, xk ung guide fees, kelangan i ajust po natin ang dati ntin npagmetingan po

Anonymous said...

never experience mountain climbing or hiking, want to experience it sana this april..isama nu naman ako..plssss :D

Anonymous said...

sir gid,

meron po ba kayo alam na aakyat ng pulag ng morning ng march 28..start of ascent is morning of march 28...? .. help naman po... kailangan ko po ng kasabay e.. thanks so much.. -lime

gideon said...

sorry but i am not able to keep track of climbing schedules especially for mtns that are frequently climbed. but im sure there's always someone climbing pulag at this time of the year.

kimyap said...

elow, march 24-26 open climb po, akiki-ambangeg, 6 pa lang po kami, small group lang kaya baka commute na lang kami... ung gus2ng sumama text na lang po 09162272745

migs said...

for those who are interested
mt pulag on holy week apr 8-11 via akiki-ambangeg

Mt. Pulag Itinerary (Akiki-Ambangeg Trail)
Kabayan, Benguet (April 8-11 2008)

DAY 0 Apr7 Tuesday

2200 Assembly Victory Terminal
0000 ETD Pasay to Baguio City

DAY 1 Apr8 Wednesday

0600 ETA Baguio City (Breakfast)
0900 Departure Baguio to Akiki trail via A Liner bus
1500 Akiki jump off (Prepare for trek)
1530 Start trek Steep trail
1600 ETA Ranger station (briefing and Registration)
1630 Resume trek
1800 ETA Edeth river, set up camp
2100 Lights out

DAY 2 Apr9 Thursday

0400 wake up call, prepare breakfast
0430 breakfast
0500 break camp
0700 Start trek
0900 cow country
1100 Marlboro country, helipad

1200 Mossy Forest (Lunch, last water source)
1300 Resume trek mossy forest
1430 grassland
1600 Saddle campsite set camp, prepare dinner
1730 Assault to summit sunset
2100 Lights out

DAY 3 Apr10 Friday

0400 Wake up call Assault to summit
0430 ETA Summit
0630 descent from Summit
0700 Breakfast
0900 Start trek to Ambangeg Ranger Station
1200 Camp two (water source)
1400 Ranger station Lodge P150/pax
2100 lights out

DAY 4 Apr11 Saturday

0600 wake up (Breakfast)
0700 ETD Babadak to Baguio (Hire Jeep)

1300 Baguio City (post climb, Lunch)
1500 ETD Baguio to Manila
2200 ETA Manila
**Close Itinerary**

Budget will be discuss on pre climb
Pre climb is on April 1 2009 SM Megamall, fronting food court.

For more info please contact migs 09052688275

Anonymous said...

hi climbers! sino po may plan for MAY (mt. pulag AKIKI)? contact me @09227912211 -lau-

Anonymous said...

sir gid, gud am...
my frens frm mindanao and I r planning 2 climb mt. pulag apr9-13...
at least 5pax lng po kmi wd ur posted IT (akiki-ambangeg)...
iv read na jip to akiki cost 9k+...
one-way lng ba 2?...
hingi po sna kmi ng advise 4 ds smol grup pra mksave kmi...
hw mch po tlga budgt wd d upd8d fares frm manila?
we wud apprec8 2 hear any inputs...
thanks ulit...

-- don --

Anonymous said...

don its 8+k ung ang latest na sabi ni mang roger.. back in forth from baguio to ranger station.... -lau-

Anonymous said...

guv'day po sir..
sir me and my cousin ay may balak po mag climb ng mt pulag akiki trail.. 2 lng po kmi,gsto po sna nmin sumama sa ibang climers na my balak din mg climb ng month of april,nabasa q po ung comment ni don na gs2 din mg climb gs2 po sna na mka sabay sa knila..
hope you respond to my comment..thanks po...


Anonymous said...


We're planning to climb pulag too dis April.. Baka pwede makisabay na dn sa inyo... Mas marami mas tipid po. If ever paupdate nlng po kami... Tnx!

-Sir Nyt (09196073535) and Mam Coohlet

Anonymous said...

gud am sir gid...
pa-address ko lng 2 ky lau...

thanks mch lau...
s it feasible sa smol grup lyk ours?...
mdyo mbigat kc sa bulsa...
d ba pwd ibang way lyk day-day sked ng bus na ngbbyahe dun?...

-- don --

Anonymous said...

gud am ulit sir gid...
pa-address ko lng po 2 ky peejay...

txt2 nlng tau bro...

Jonathan said...

ayus talaga kayo...OFW ako I always want to climb mt. pulag since nung nasa collage pako..

sana one of this days maka experience ako ng adventure na gaya ng sa inyo...

Anonymous said...

climbers this is ~lau~ kung pede po sana makipag coordinate sainyo me and friends are also planning to go to mount pulag.. since lahat nmn tau small group baka pede na tayo mag-merge.... kung sino man ang lead sa each group baka pede i-post na lang ang numbers nyo or txt me.. here's my number 09227912211,

to don pede mag bus but theres two problem 1. di malapit ang drop off point ng bus to ranger station based sa nabasa ko it will take several hours by foot at walang may alam satin kung san ang direction. 2. pag pauwi wala tayong assurance na may masasakyan tau since chance passenger lang tau at once a day lang ang trip going to baguio (as posted earlier)...


kimyap said...

hi lau, in case na konti kayo, pwede kayo mag bus papunta akiki-visitors center(P123.00) at dun na rin kayo mag register(P175). Ang terminal ng bus papuntang kabayan ay sa Magsaysay, Slaughter. May 10am at last trip ng 12nn, cguro sa holy week may mga special trip pero mas magandang maaga kayo dun. Ang problema na lang ninyo ay yung sasakyan nyo pauwi, kasi ang last trip ng bus papuntang baguio ay mga 1:30pm-2pm dadaan sa ambangeg, kaya pa reserve na lang kayo ng jeep na susundo sa inyo sa ranger station pauwi ng baguio, around 4k-5k ata... ingat, enjoy..

PS: maraming maraming salamat sa SBMS, ang babait ninyo, kita kits... =)

Anonymous said...

gud am sir gid...
gusto ko lang sana iinvite other climbers for mt. pulag to join our group with lau and peejay...
ETD manila-baguio is on apr9 @ 10pm or 11pm...
please coordinate na lang immediately with lau thru his number 0922-7912211...


Anonymous said...

kung cnu interested parties na sumama sa mt pulag (akiki-ambangeg trail) this april 9 kindly txt me.. 09227912211.. cgurado na po et0.. thanx....


thanx din sa info kim! ^^

Kabasoy said...

Good day..
I have a party of 4-5 pax..
We are interested in joining a climbing party this april 9 2009, please send me messages. THANK YOU VERY MUCH..^^

Kabasoy said...

ow! please contact me for any information and updates on this one, I may not go online often to check this page. here is my number.. 09084985662. thanks again.:)

Anonymous said...

ok julio.. i'll posting our itinerary by this week.. thanx


Anonymous said...

gud pm guys..

i patterned our ITINERARY on the sites predetermined activities the one posted by sir gid.. (please correct me if im wrong hehe). nwies may pre hike meeting po kami sa april 7 SM megamall skating rink left side, expenses and other concerns will be discussed during the meeting.. bout sa slots kung may available pa kunti pa lang po kami so joins us!!.. here's my number once again 09227912211 -lau-

Anonymous said...

just got back from Mt.Pulag via Akiki-Ambangeg Trail. Sobrang hirap coz it's my first climb. I'm totally wasted. Got so many tips from this site. Thanks guys! Ang ganda ng Pilipinas! I wouldnt suggest the Akiki Trail for newbies. Siguro pang intermediate na mountaineer eto and it will not be easy even for someone na may few climbs na. Kakatawa coz sa IT na naka post dito, from Akiki to Eddet naka lagay, commence hike to steep trail going to eddet. Kala ko naman yun na yung pinaka mahirap, hahaha. I was wrong! From the Eddet to Saddle should read, commence hike to endless and more steep trail. Heehee. Joke lang po. Dumating yung group ko sa Saddle with the sweeper (jasm, tnx bro)7:30 pm na. But when you reach the summit, everything is forgotten and you just marvel at the Sea of Clouds! Sobrang Ganda!


Anonymous said...

HI anyone climbing pulag this weekend? april 18-19? thanks

Anonymous said...

Having climb Mt Pulag through Akiki trail, I can say that Akiki only deserve 5/9, just wondering how it earned 7/9.

Try climbing White Peak (ComVal Province, Phils #13) and you can say that is the real 7/9.

Anonymous said...

hi guys! salamat sa mga infos provided in this site and sa mga nag ppost.. thanx din kay mam tamiray, mang roger and sa guides at mga tumulong namin... kay don,francis,janet, cha, kissen and james.. it was so much fun to spend the holy week with you guys and keep in touch.. hope we can do it again!


Anonymous said...

Gusto ko join sa mt pulag adventure. You can email me -! - shie

Anonymous said...

nuod kayo born to be wild ngayon feat. ang mt. pulag hehe

Anonymous said...

cheers lau & co...


mudclay said...

guys i need help!
we are planning to scale mt pulag via akiki on May 15...what time does the bus leave (norton bus) to kabayan? we will try to dayhike from jump off to saddle if we will be in eddet river by 12nn..that's the game plan..but if we can't make it by it possible to nightrek...

we only have short time because of work on we will try to it possible?

the crucial stage of our journey is the travel time from baguio to kabayan..i think if its too late we can't make a dayhike unless we continue trekking (night trek)...ok lng ba sa guide na mag night trek?

i need info:
what time does the bus (norton) normally leave?
how many hours from baguio to kabayan?
maraming salamat sa inyo in advance..

dew_drops said...

@ anomynous first trip leaves at 10 am. 4-5 hours. there's two itinerary here. check mo po. il climb pulag tomorow. update kita.....

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous. Just climbed pulag Akiki-Ambangeg route. We experienced halestorm on the way to the grassland (right after the mossy forest). We can't even see the foot trails and YES, twas foggy too.

Your sked seems to be extremely hectic so you may need to have lots of endurance training before you go. otherwise....

Technically, I think you can night trek BUT may be extremely difficult, more so if you are fully loaded. Otherwise, be prepared to pay PORTERs (1,500 akiki to ambangeg) with you so you can climb faster and easier... OTHERWISE, travelling time will surely take longer and you could be too wasted when you reach the summit... so when you are just too dead tired, you might even miss the sunrise the following day.

If you are that "HARDCORE" though :-) you may go ahead w/ your planned sked BUT still with much caution so you can enjoy all the way. Best wishes!

dew_drops said...

AKIKI-AMBANGEG ITINERARY (By Bus) May 4 - May6, 2009

**If coming from Manila, you can take Victory Liner Bus in Pasay or Cubao. 6.5-7 hours minimum travel time (night), make it 8 if you travel by day, since traffic is so bad in Urdaneta and Dagupan. Pag tipid po sa budget, pwede din po Genesis Bus lines (malapit sa Blumenttritt LRT Station) at Dangwa Tranco Bus (yung malapit bentahan ng bulaklak) Sikat lang kasi Victory, pero ok namn po tong dalwang to.Pagdating Baguio take a taxi papunta “Slaughter Terminal”, pag nagtitipid po ulit konting lakad lang makikita nyo na jeepney na “TRANCOVILLE” ang byahe..dumadaan po ito sa Slaughter…

Day 1

1000 ETD A-Trans Terminal, Slaughter House, Baguio City (first trip to Kabayan, next trip leaves at 1200, and the last trip leaves at 1400)
 10 minutes into the trip after the first checkpoint, the peak of Mt. Cabuyao and Mt. Sto. Tomas is visible on the right side of the bus. Be early and get a window sit!!!

1200 ETA JangJang Resto stop over. Lunch. (Ganda nung cashier! Suplada nga lang!)

1500 ETA Akiki Jump Off Point. Commence “step trail” to ranger station.
NOTE: The two itineraries above mentioned 1hour and 1/2hour trek to the ranger station, this is confusing as I barely hiked 5 minutes when I passed by said station, which was unmarked, unmanned, and hardly looked like a station at all. If you passed by Doacan Elementary School, then you would have missed it too. A guide happened to pass by while I was checking my altitude. As the station was locked, he just agreed to accompany to Etted River Camp (left just the same and came back the next morning), thus I can’t log in any time for securing guides and orientation.

1645 ETA Etted River Camp. Set up camp. Bath on the river. Anything goes.
 There are two camps, one before the bridge (quite but “a little far” from the river) and one just after the bridge (close to the river but the sound of rushing water can keep you awake all night. I camped here, hardly slept the whole night).

Lights out.  Depends on the group. The camp after the bridge features “Etted River Cave” with makeshift log benches and a fireplace on the centre.

Day 2

0430 Wake Up call. Prepare breakfast.
0500 Breakfast.
0530 Break camp.
0615 Bath on the river (sobrang lamig!)
0630 ETD Etted River Camp.
0900 ETA Marlboro Country. Water Source.

 The two itineraries above logged in 4 hours of trip from Eddet to Marlboro. Again I was confused why it took me a lot less time (Akiki Jump Off to Etted too!). I asked my guide if we’re fast, he said “yes”. Personally I think I walked no faster than a turtle. I can only guess the mentioned itineraries are for a large group, with the last man arriving at 4 hours max trek time.

1000 Mossy forest entrance. Last water source. Nap. (hehe). Early Lunch.
1100 Commence trek through Mossy Forest.
1130 End of forest line. Grassland.
1300 ETA Saddle Campsite. Set up camp.

 My guide said most groups will reach Saddle at 1600. I can only laugh about the matter. This was my first ever climbed. I had leg cramps midway between Etted and Saddle, (at which point my guide volunteered to carry my tent) With a bag that seem to get heavier with each step, I fail to comprehend why it took us that short time to reach this point. I can only say it’s “fast paced” when not going in a group. Plus, the time devoted for taking AF’s and LEVELS was instead relegated to climbing, there was no way I can stop and admire the view, wala akong makita kung di pagkakapal kapal na fog at ulap, visibility was limited to about 10 meter radius.

********** Summit is only 15-20 minutes away (I reached it on heavy pack, heavy wind, heavy rain, and even heavier heart the next day in 15 minutes)

From the time we arrived at Saddle campsite and after setting up camps, me and my guide mostly stayed inside our own tents; heavy rain, strong winds, and even lightning was all over us starting at 1400 hours and carried on the whole night until the next day, thus, I can’t, again, log in any time for sunset viewing. We didn’t even bother going up, wala ka talgang makita.


0400 Wake up call. (Although I hardly slept again, the rain and wind was just too much!)
0430 Prepare Breakfast
0500 Breakfast
0530 Break camp (in heavy rain!!!!! Start earlier if the weather will allow sunrise viewing. Most groups will just proceed directly to the summit then come back for breakfast and break camp, my guide said it’s actually better to break camp first and just carry your gears on the summit then descend via Ambangeg)
0600 Summit Assault.
0615 ETA Summit. We spent less than 3 minutes here. There was nothing to see. Wala kung hinde pagkakapal kapal na fog (anong tagalog ng fog?? Hehe) at walang katapusang ulan. Naninigas na guide ko. I was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and a garbage bag, which I fondly call my “Super GoreTex The Black Face Fleece”, temperature was 12.3oC (take away 4-5 degrees to account for body temperature since my watch was strapped to my wrist).
0620 ETD Summit. Descend via Ambangeg Trail.
0930 ETA Ambangeg Ranger Station (closed and unmanned again!!!)
Check the other itineraries for ETA/ETD on Camps and water source on the way down, I didn’t bother documenting this times since stopping is out of the question. Visibility is ZERO (naman!!!!). Lalo lang kami maninigas, di ko masara fists ko and bending my arm to drink sends a sharp pain through my whole arm.

****** From here, you can decide to walk the 10 (??) Kilometer trail to the DENR office or take the jeepney if you rented one. We walked about 800 meters to the first store you’ll see and my guide arranged for two motor bikes to bring us to DENR office.

1030 ETA DENR Office, Visitor’s Centre, Ambangeg, Daclan, Bokod Benguet. Tidy up, log out, buy souvenirs, watch pictures from other groups (nainggit lang ako!) etc etc etc.
1200 ETD DENR. Walk to the highway.
1205 ETA Highway.
1330 ETA/ETD A-Trans to Baguio.
1630 ETA Baguio.

****end itinerary.

______________Some Notes

** Back at the DENR office, I read a memo that says “Hiring of motor bikes as a mode of transportation is illegal…” I asked my guide if he had knowledge about this and he said yes. I couldn’t blame him for arranging the ride, nanlalamig talga cia sa taas, his tooths are chattering and he stutters when he speak, his lips are blue, almost black, dahil sa lamig, tinatawanan ko nga, just to lighten up his mode. I was ok, nakatulong ng malaki yung sobrang lagnat ko the night before hanggang umaga.

** I paid 120 for the bus ride Baguio-Akiki JumpOff, and 90 pesos from Daclan-Baguio, 1800 guide fee (standard for 7 pax and below Akiki trail) , 125 for Entrance and Green Fee. I was told by Mam Tamiray (+639196315402) that Entrance and Green fee would cost 225/HD (per hiking day?????), pero dahil wala daw ako nakita, ok na yung 125 pesos…

** Before leaving DENR office, there was a group of 19 climbers, mostly seminarians who wanted to do Ambangeg trail, they had two vehicles, iniwan po nila yung isa and arranged for another jeepney (right there and then) to drive them to the Ranger Station Jump Off Point. Para po makatipid kayo instead of hiring a jeep back and forth Baguio-Kabayan, pede ring take a bus back and forth, pre-arrange nyo lang sa DENR office via telephone na pick up kayo sa Ranger Station pag bumaba na kayo. Yun nga lang full house po yung bus, last trip yung dumadaan sa highway mga 1330-1400 hours……

** They say Akiki is not for first timers, mahirap po talga, lalo na pag umulan kasi parang tri-triple ang bigat ng bag mo kahit me cover pa ( my bag weighed 13 kilos; during the climb it was heavy as sh!+!!!!, kala ko ok lang) pero kaya po pag pursigido ka…… masasabi ko lang “go hard or go home” hehe

G2 Traverse, here I come!!!!!!

edge said...

Sir dew_drops i amuse of your enthusiast on this..You r really hardworking and never-go-surrender attitude there.An applause to you my brother!

You deserve what u get...

We thank u also for the latest update of itenary..

Never envy others on billboards, for every1 of us has its own story to mark with...

Gudluck on ur next endeavor! hapi climb!

tangengot said...

my first (and maybe my last) mountain I ever climbed was Mt. Pulag. We took the akiki trail first then ambangeg and I thought I won't be able to finish the climb.

after that climb, I felt discouraged. Now I'm thinking if I'd ever climb again

Anonymous said...

wohohoo akyat kami sa december hoping to see the sea of clouds ambangeg route namin as of now 3575 budget kasi 4 palang kami pag umbot kami sa 10 bongang bonga super tipid based on my calculation

Anonymous said...

is there a risk in climbing mt pulag during august? we are all first timers. since we are coming in from nueva vizcaya area, which route will be best? anymore info on the ambaguio trail?

dew_drops said...

@ tangengots: i came across an article about neptali lazaro while surfing around. his death while trying to summit made me want to climb mountains. i simply love the danger. people climb for reasons. you must find yours. if you can't then i guess you can answer your question.

"summit is not everything, survival is" - lincoln hall, the white limbo.

Anonymous said...

mga sir at mam pd po magtanung.....
ang bayad po ba sa guide dito sa akiki trail per day o ung 1800 na un for the whole climb na??

maraming salamat po...


dew_drops said...

@bitoy: 1,800 7 people ang below. whole duration na ng climb yun sir... self contained mga guide... read my post sa taas sakali makatulong. happy climb. ingat lang sa napkin na nakakalat sa eddet river camp..madugo yung nakita ko...dyahe naman...baka madulas kayo..lols.

Anonymous said...

scenes from our 2008 Akiki-Amabangeg expedition. We had to make an emergency camp just outside the mossy forest since one group member could no longer walk due to exhaustion... (just follow link)

Anonymous said...

Scenes from Akiki's "Marlboro Country". December 2008. (just follow link)

bitoy said...

sir dew_drops madaming salamat po.., ung post nyo nga po ung ginawa kong basehan... madaming salamat po ulit...

Anonymous said...

@ sir dew_drops, salamat po sa blow by blow info nyo sa climb. we plan do to a climb this oct.if possible can you email me ung budget nyo sir, kung tama pg-quote ko from Baguio nasa 1.6k per pax (transpo/registration) bka 5-7 pips lng kami.

salamat uli sir

Marisa said...

hello..stunning ang naturalistic beauty ng Mt. Pulag, hope mkasama aq sa climb..ds August sana timing qng meron kac my long weekend.hehe

nice website i get some inputs while on my planning way umakyat sa Mt. Pulag:-)

dew_drops said...

i've learned a lot from this site, i considered emailing you but decided to reply here as my way of "giving back"...let's see..:
taxi to slaughter:=========================== 50

A-trans Terminal to AkikiJump-off:===========120

(tell the driver to let yous down at the jumpoff)
Lunch sa JangJang Resto Stop :=============50

Guide (3 days):===========================1800
Green Fee/Entrance:=======================125
(225 is the right price, wala daw kasi ako nakita kaya ok n daw 125 sa akin..)
Motorcycle Ride from Ranger Station to Pulag Park Office:=============================280
(two motorcyles, 1 for me, 1 for my guide, pero bawal to.....nakita ko memo sa Pulag Office)
Daclan to Baguio :======================== 90
Lunch ulit sa JangJang:=================== 50
Slaughter to House:======================= 50
Pkicheck if tama addition ko.since leaving university tanga na ako. wala pa jan gastos sa canisters, medicines, trail food...pero sakali lima kayo, 1800 na guide fee divided by 5 is 360. So 2615-1800+360= 1,175 per tao. kung via i guess 1600 is right on the money.... ang mahal lang naman is ung jeep hire. pero magbus n lang..although full house pagbalik hinde p kayo umaabot sa stopover makakaupo n din kayo....pede din pala kayo bumili ng ulam at kanin sa jangjang resto....bawas load at time sa pagluto sa first day. the climb itself is not that hard sa 1st day. ung from eddet river pataas na ang mahirap kasi 60-80 ang slope ng ibang trail....mahal ang climb pag freelance..pero 1600 sa grupo nyo per man would be great i guess.kahit kaldero na lang hinde katulad sa freelance na every ounce counts kaya nagtitanium ako..invest n din cguro sa 4 tent person...meron n cguro kayo..anyway ask lang ulit if me maitutulong pa. happy climb.

Anonymous said...

hi po mam marisa akyat din po ako ng pulag kaso sa december pa po before christmas

Marisa said...

hello din,yah sana magkasama tayo.its my first time here in Baguio and apart from my job i've been planning for several climb/hiken and mt. pulag was one of them,nag research na nga rin aq sa web on camping gears,basic info & pulag ung pinaka mataas q na ma climb soon.:-)...

need q info..qng sino may alam where mka buy ng camping gears

Anonymous said...

try ROX, conquer, coleman, columbia, the north face, habagat, meron nyan sa mga malls like moa,robison galleria, megamall, yung rox sa the fort yata yun,,,,,,,, mam marissa san sa ambangeg trail ka nalang dumaan para pwede na lang tayo magsama kasi 2 lang p kami eh hahaha here my number po.. 09184037636... thank you poh... kuya drew drops thanx sa computations hahahaha


edge said...

Hi Marissa,

Here you can find their stores...

Here also....

hope these helps!
hapi trek then...

dew_drops said...

if baguio based ka meron actually TNF bags sa 4th floor level ng SM Baguio..although the store itself is not tnf... the list of stores is in this site, browse mo lang copy and paste na ata ni sir edge, and if you want to try ROX sa The Fort sa taguig, go in this store LAST. and i mean LAST, if you are low on budget. mas mahal dito. a trekking pant that costs 500 here will cost 350 in Conquer Outdoor Shop sa Robinson's Pioneer! and ang laki ng difference ng MSR Internationale ng dalwang store. it's a good shop, pero mahal... kumbaga bumili ka ng beer sa tapat ng bahay nyo pero ang presyo nya is presyo ng beer sa THE EMBASSY. Happy Climb.

Anonymous said...

@ sir dew_drops
SALAMAT sir, ayun alam ko na ang budget na dapat ihanda.. yes meron kami gamit even 4 tent person, we try to maximize our load on our climb.
Madaming matutulungan ang nabigay nyong info.
Wla pa ko maisip tanong nasagot mo na ata lahat sir :-)


Marisa said...

hi jr,hehe,cge let's find out nlang mdyo layo pa nman hehe.I've been their na sa rox mahal nga xa pero kontento ka sa quality pero a cheaper one will do, pang mountaneer nga yang mga brands na na mention mo,maganda din pag confident ka sa outfit & gears hehe.thanks sa info:-)

Marisa said...

thanks for the info. i'll browse nlang the website.thanks!

Anonymous said...

uu mahal nga po sa rox e kaya sa mga al ako nagahahnap pero yung pants sa columbia ako bibili maysize ako dun eh wahahaha size 42 wohoooooo yung tent sa coleman yung bag sa habagat..... sana nga po mam marisa sabay nalang tayo sa december para mas masaya


Anonymous said...

hello poh sa ga gusto pong sumama sa pulag 2nd week or before christmas po yung sked hahaha newbie lang din po ako ito po first climb ko

JR 09184037636

dew_drops said...

@ marlon_cute:
nga pala sir i forgot to tell you, if by bus, the first trip usually arrives at the akiki jumpp off 3 pm at the latest... nung umakyat po ako i reached eddet river camp by that was 1 hour and 45 minutes hike (fast paced as i didnt want my guide to do a night trek on his way back..) cheers. happy climb.

sir kindly post the date if u can confirm it..matagal p naman..baka pede ako makijoin if im available..freelance po ako.. cheers. happy climb.

Anonymous said...

hello sir kuya drew_drops december 20 t0 22 po hahaha


Marisa said...

gee thanks sa post ng website-climbing geARS i got lots of choices to choose from.

hello jr. hi to everyone.maulan ata sa December.sana marami tayong climb ng mt. pulag.Gather pa din aq ng climbing gears. meet yah :-)

Anonymous said...

hello ate marissa di naman po cguro kasi sabi nila november to may ang best time to climb pulag depende nalang po cguro kung may bagyo hahahaha sna po wala hahahahaha kaka excite nakaili ng ako ng stove at mess kit. wohoooooo


Anonymous said...

sir gideon
plano namin umakyat sa oct. sa pulag
any advise?
4-5 persons lang kmi,pwede ba ung akyat ng akiki tpos baba ng ambangeg?
please help us with our it
salamat po

Anonymous said...

anyone climbing this oct?...

Anonymous said...

pwede ba magdala ng ssakyan pagaakyat ng pulag? may mapagiiwanan ba don?
akyat kmi sa last week ng oct.

Jay Z said...

wala ba mag pulag akiki trail next week? bka meron pwede ba sumabit hehehe jay z here 09172758305 salamat po....

Anonymous said...

meron ba akyat dyan mga sir/mam this november... baka pwede naman sumama... i'm ninja from makati!
09195317970 tnx.. more power sayo sir gid...

Anonymous said...

sa mga nakakilala sa nga Fujitsu mountaineers pakisabi lang po kung san ang next climb nla baka pwede me sumama uli miz ko na cla....from former FCPP employee GQC

Anonymous said...

hi, may aakyat ba be end of November or early december? sama sana kmi ..pero 2 lang kmi and first timers.

if meron please contact me : avril- 09063700071

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Magandang araw mga sir and maam,

Maari po bang makahingi ng 2-day itinerary...

Salamat po ^__^

sunpluspinoy said...

I climbed Mt Pulag through Akiki trail, I can say it doesn't deserve 5/9, just wondering how it earned it.

White Peak (ComVal Province, Phils #13) is truly 7/9.

Anonymous said...

hi there!!any update in Mt. Pulag???we are planning to climb there last week of November this year. Any info will do..


more power to this site..keep it up!!!


Anonymous said...

May climb kami dis coming week end sa pulag akiki-ambangeg c/o sir anton sa mga kaibigan kung mountaineers na same date din ang akyat kita kits tau sa trail sayang di tayo isang grupo ngayon na aakyat, di bale sa susunod na climb ulit magkaka sama tayo.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous:

have a happy and safe climb mga sir and mam!!!

update nyo lng kmi about the situation in Mt. Pulag


Anonymous said...

Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat... tanong ko lang po kung ano na number ni Mam Tamiray... same number pa din po ba?

plano po namin umakyat nitong december, baka pwede pong makihingi ng update sa mga siningilan don sa ngaun tulad ng jeep kung magrerent at mga guide fees...

maraming salamat po sa inyong pagtugon, malaking tulong po ito para sa aming pinaplanong akyat.

Mabuhay po kayong lahat!

Anonymous said...

sir same number pa rin gamit ni Mam Tamiray (0919-6315402)..cge update ka namin if m2loy kmi this last week of November.

joy said...

hi! sir gideon? i assumed its you all these people are consulting..=)you don't know me too..but i hope you can still accomodate and answer my inquiries here. actually, i just want to inquire about the road condition of baguio and benguet going to mt. pulag po as recently, typhoon ondoy and pepeng also hit those two provinces. we are planning to hike mt. pulag by end of this november din po kc. do you think the weather would already be favorable na kaya by that time enough to give us a majestic view of the summit as what you and most of the people here said? nae-excite nga po ako about it but am also a bit worried whether its safe to climb it na by this end of november. hoping for your reply po..and thanks for all the helpful infos you shared with us here po. God bless you always!

Anonymous said...

joy:: climb pulag via akiki-amba trail last oct 30 to nov2. the roads are passable.. may isang part lang after baguio na tinabunan ng landslide ang road but vehicles are able to pass one at a time to the weather being favorable for you to see the majestic view..hmmm..depende pa yan sa weather condition during your climb ;)

Anonymous said...

sana may climb sa pulag-akiki ng december 18 ^^ gusto ko kasing umakyat with a group ^^

Anonymous said...

@anonymous: m/f? sama ka sa amin. anytime sa december.


Anonymous said...

@anonymous: can i get your contact #?... or email address... mine is ... meron akong nakitang climb but its dec 26 onwards... gusto ko sana before christmas kasi hindi ako free after that... pls notify me poh ^^ gusto ko kasi umakyat via akiki trail ^^ thanks...

Anonymous said...

@ mariel: from the looks of it there would be 5 of us. all male. 4 first timers (one's half crazy. lost his mind, too much mathematics. i want to take him up there, might bring back some of his sanity) u'r the 6th just in case. no definite date yet. but it's definitely happening. if no one will commit, il climb alone. maybe not on the 18nth as im considering joining the Mt Victoria climb... if still interested we'll get in touch with you via emails. no hired jeep for sure. walk and climb til you drop. woot woot.


Anonymous said...

@dew.... let's take it on!... no hired jeep, as in? cge, count me in =)) the more adventure, the better... ill be happy to go with you guys... its a coincidence that im also eying for Mt. Victoria climb with Jehson... but siguro hindi na ako makakasama dun... lets talk more of it sa e-mail or YM ko...

YM id: mariel.aljama

i'll be expecting your reply there ^^ ciao! ^^

- mariel -

Anonymous said...

Sir/maam.. nkapanuod po ako ng docu about mt pulag "IBC Mt pulag story". Totoo po ba ung "biaw/biyaw"? Ung mountain ghost na nanguha po ng isang mountaineer in 3days at kumuha pa ng Albulario para lng mabawi ung tao.. Gsto ko lng po malaman ang totoo. Tnx!

-Rob hall :)

dew_drops said...

@ rob hall : natulog akong mag-isa sa Eddet River camp, wala mga ibang hiker that day kundi ako lang. natakot ako hindi sa ganyan kundi sa mga balitang meron daw mga magnanakaw na may dalang itak. naglagay pa ako ng malaking bato sa tabi ko at hawak ko yung trowel sakali. sa kakaisip nyan hindi ako makatulog dahil malakas din ang agos ng tubig. ginawa ko lumabas ako, pinagmasdan ang mga bituin, tumingin sa paligid. puro imahinasyon ko lang ang aking kalaban. bumalik ako sa tent. nagdasal. only then that i was able to sleep.

@mariel: il mail you soon. \m/

Anonymous said...

@ dew_drops - nice one dude! fear factor ang labas ng climb mo a hehe salamat dude! Sama ko next climb nyo..

-rob hall :)

Anonymous said...

Hi sir Dew,

kelan po ang climb na ito? baka pwede makasama?


Anonymous said...

@jagi: freelance k din ba? kausapin ko muna si mariel ano available date nya. tamad kasi ako online these days kaya di ko p cia nakakausap. pag nagcommit na mga kasama ko il tell you. december.


Myk said...

nag pplan din kami ng group namin mag climb ng pulag by december ,small group lang kami ng mga kaklase ko.. pag nag start na xmas vacation namin.. cguro 19 or 20 un.. usap cguro tayo mga sir around december pag na finalize na namin mga plano :)

Anonymous said...

@dew available ako from 11th Dec till the 23rd ... by 26th till New Year di ako puwede kasi me commitment ako nun... frustrated ako kasi sa Mt. Victoria climb dahil puno na ang booking and Dec 11 na lang ang meron kaya di rin ako makakasama dun... sayang :(( ... I have to pursue this climb na lang, anyway OK rin naman kasi it would be my first time for this trail(Akiki) if ever... basta you have my email, just feel free to drop me a message anytime :)


Anonymous said...

tama sa mga ngsabi na killer trail is just a hear-say, at kung cno ngkakalat non ewan ko.

Kaya ng 1st timers bsta matyaga.

Akiki is not a Killer trail, But I so aggree with the comments about the view via akiki, breath-taking tapos sunset/sunrise sa summit whoa crazy beautiful

Anonymous said...

Goodluck to all who will climb Mt Pulag via Akiki trail this weekend. See u there mga sir at maam. Lets pray for our safety.

informative site. thanks sir gid.

-mj of CCMC

Anonymous said...

Congratz to CCMC for the successful climb at Mt. Pulag last November 28-30. Congratz din sa SmartMC at MMS na nakasabay namin.

-Angelo of CCMC

Anonymous said...

pls.kung cno po aakyat ng pulag this april 2010..inform us ...thanks a lot..

Anonymous said...

good day ma'am/sir!
may aakyat po ba dito ng mt.pulag via akiki trail ng january 29-31, 2010?
pwede po ba ako makisabay? -karyo

Myk said...

nag hahanap po kami ng mga friends ko na makakasabay ng Dec 27-29 2009 Akiki-Ambangeg po

may IT na po kami .. naghahanap lang kami makakasabay para ka share ng expenses .. konti lang kc kami


reply po kayo dito

Anonymous said...

@mariel: check ur mail...-dew-

Anonymous said...

@myk: i'm interested ur climb this dec 27-29 at pulag...pls give me info 09186770806

jes said...

hi myk!

We're interested to join. Here's my number - 09194044044. Hope to hear from you soon..

team a.p.e.s said...

myk...we are interested sa climb nyo ng 27 to 29... 3 kami na magkakaibigan... can u pls. txt me about sa i.t at expenses ser... tnx

Anonymous said...

@ myk: we're also planning to do Akiki on the 26th via bus. climb and walk til you drop. pero mukha madami mag je jeep cge sama na lang kami. post ur IT here.

i will climb akiki anytime this week. sino gusto sumama text nyo ako 09063321097. la po jeep. bus lang. climb at your own risk. happy climb.

i'm quitting mafia wars coz im stuck in moscow.


Anonymous said...

mga sir/mam

makipag meet muna po ko sa mga kasama ko para ma finalize ang IT and expenses,

nga pala "tipid climb" ang IT namin..
mag post po ulit ako or txt ko kyo sa updates thanks :)

@sir dew : balak din namin bus lang to akiki jump off since "tipid climb" nga lang kami pero tignan pa po namin kung ano po final na plano.. thanks

Anonymous said...

@myk: yup tipid kasi pag bus..problema lang ung pababa ng Ambangeg. From Ranger station hangang sa ofis ni Mam Tamiray malayo layo din.....pag me mga mabagal (at meron talga kagaya ko haha) medyo magkakatalo na baka hindi umabot sa last trip ng bus papunta baguio (ala una yun, meaning at least 7am start na trek pababa kung puro lakaran)


Anonymous said...

sir myk,

pwd poh b kami sumama sa pulag climb nyo sa december 27-29? plz contact us sa 09065048707.


Anonymous said...

sir / mam im pscam-araw, my plan kme mg climb s pulag dis c0ming march 2010, so mag invite kme s mga gus2 umakyat n kulang ung team nyo, pde po kau mkij0in s min,, para mka less s jip,guide at porter,, 1st preclimb namin 2nd week of january at last 2nd week of february, finalize n pu un,,txt nyo nlang aq d2 araw-09166823534

Anonymous said...

Sir/ma'am, we're planning to climb pulag via akiki on dec 26, dec 25 ng gabi ang byahe. 4 lang kami at naghahanap ng makakasama sa jeep para makamura. For those interested you can text me at 09209246267, you can email me at - mike

rhovee said...

Sir/ Ma'am,

We're looking for some interested participants na gusto umakyatvia Akiki-Ambangeg. Ang climb dates po will be Dec 26-28. Aalis po ng Manila ng Dec 25 ng Gabi at balik ng MAnila ng DEc. 29 ng madaling araw.

Please send me an email or txt me 09279974039.

We're actually 5 peeps na aakyat naghahanap lang po kasi kami ng makakasama sa jeep since mahal mo kasi ang renta.

Thanks po!


Anonymous said...

Mga sir/mam, magkano po ang guide fees tsaka po yung renta sa jeep?

Our group has 17 participants tentatively.

Im asking just in case the rates have changed since sir dew_drops has posted them.

Salamat po sa mga makakasagot :-)

~leave no trace~

Anonymous said...

price - guide fee, traspo etc- still the same

Anonymous said...

mataas ba chance ng sea of clouds view this december? maybe next week? baka umakyat kami :)

rhovee said...


Pupwede po ba kaming maksiabay sa inyo? Kailan po ang climb dates nyo sa akiki? WE're planning to climb akiki on DEc 26-29. Medyo magastos po kasi yung rent ng sasakyan. Baka pede po kami makisabay sa sasakyan papunta lang ng akiki.Thanks po.

Here's my contact number po 09279974039.


rhovee said...


Pupwede po ba kaming maksiabay sa inyo? Kailan po ang climb dates nyo sa akiki? WE're planning to climb akiki on DEc 26-28. Medyo magastos po kasi yung rent ng sasakyan. Baka pede po kami makisabay sa sasakyan papunta lang ng akiki.Thanks po.

Here's my contact number po 09279974039.


Team Apes said...

Team A.P.E.S will climb Pulag on jan. 2 to 4 pero byahe papuntang baguio ng jan 1 ng 9pm... anybody na gustong sumabay pwedeng pwede... Sir Vhinz Vines will assist out Climb... just txt us at 09195317970 for info.

Anonymous said...

meron po bang climb sa 3rd week of january? gusto po sana namin makijoin. 2 persons lang po kasi kame kya naghahanap po kame ng pwede samahan.. eto po contact number ko, jovy- 09107828918..tnx po!

Anonymous said...

just got bck from akiki. highly recommended si PEPITO na guide. request nyo sa PASU office para meet nya kayo sa akiki visitor center. rates are still the same. 1800 sa guide (whole group), 100 registration, 100 camping fee, 25 reg fee = 225/person. 8k jeep rent. happy climb

-- team lakad --

Anonymous said...

kaka baba lang namin dito for induction. coming from akiki to ambangeg.. Challenging and Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

kayo ba ung nag induction? ung maingay nung gabi ng 28? (di ko nalang bangitin grupo nyo)

pero sana kung makarating sa members nyo kung mag induction kayo wag sana ung nakaka istorbo ng ibang nag ccamp ..

madaling araw na wala manlang konsidirasyon sa ibang nag ccamp sa saddle

Anonymous said...


team lakay (lakad) and SYKES was at saddle pm of 27, went down to ambangeg early am of 28. night of 27 wala po tao sa saddle except team lakad and team sykes. mga 10:30 pm dumating UST group. members of team lakad even helped one of the first arrivals set up his tent. at about 3am of dec 28, medyo me ingay from UST, but very tolerable naman (in short acceptable po at walang problema), besides wala nagcomplain from both teams owing to the fact that mostly gising magdamag. early am ng 28 the last members of lakad and sykes left saddle for ambangeg. UST n po naiwan dun. noise has been an issue sa mga akyatan, i guess it all depends sa team leaders. sila ang pasimuno, sila ang dapat magdisiplina. kung gusto natin maayos ang akyatan sabihin kung sino maingay para makita nila mali nila at sa susunod maging responsable na.

happy climb.

--team lakad--

Anonymous said...

UST group left the saddle campsite at about 11 am on Dec. 28, 2009. Many thanks dun po sa Team Lakad na tumulong mag-set up ng tent para sa mga early arrivals nung gabi ng Dec. 27. Wala din po kaming reklamo dun po sa nakasama naming mag-camp noong Dec. 2007 ng gabi until Dec. 28 ng umaga.

Anonymous said...

UST talga pasaway.

Anonymous said...

wala kaung reklamo sir/mam kasi kau ung nirereklamo,hehehe
ngaun alam nio na mountaineering is discipline.


Anonymous said...

cge sabihin na mga pangalan para matuto naman

MESAU napaka ingay ng dec 28 ng gabi saddle camp site

walang konsiderasyon sa ibang nag ccamp

sa pagkaka alam ko ay di lang isang grupo ang nag reklamo tungkol sa kanila sa DENR

sana next time konting disiplina .. may bitbit pa naman kayong pangalan

Anonymous said...

Hindi UST ang nag-ingay noong Dec. 28 ng gabi at yung date na yun ang inirereklamo sa bandang itaas. Dec. 28 ng tanghali, wala na ang UST sa saddle campsite. Dec. 28, 3 am, gumising kami to prepare for summit assault and hindi kami nang-istorbo ng ibang naca-camp......mga 4am gising na rin ang ibang naca-camp to prepare for their own summit assault but that doesen't mean na maingay kami.....pakibasa ng mabuti po kung marunong kayong bumasa at ito ay nakalagay sa itaas: Dec. 28 ng gabi nang may nag-iinduction ang inirereklamo sa sobrang ingay at hindi po kami dahil wala na kami doon....ganun kasimple-mmd

Anonymous said...

hello guys, anybody going up pulag this month or february via akiki trail? interested to join, solo lang kasi ako... been to pulag 10x na, di kasi nakakasawa haha ... sms me @ 09177452153, tnx!

Anonymous said...

to set the record: hindi po UST nag ingay. TEAM SYKES and TEAM LAKAD left saddle early am ng 28. TEAM UST left at about 11 am as per board discussion. We're talking about climbers on the night of Dec 28.


Anonymous said...

wag na kyo mag turuan ok pare parehas lng tyo umaakyat ng bundok siguro induction climb nila kaya siguro maingay may mga ryts na ginagawa kaya ganun. intindihin n lng naten sila ok. thanx!!!

Anonymous said...

sir/mam anonymous kung kayo cguro ung di makatulog sa ingay (at ung iba lasing pa ata) ,, nag sisigawan kasi nung time na un

baka di nyo po masabi na " intindihin na lang natin sila"

sana intindihin din nila na may gusto nalang matulog diba =)

Anonymous said...

Tingin ko po dyan, hindi yan induction kc bakit late pm hanggang early am na. Lasingan lng yan malamang.

Ang induction ginagawa sa umaga,alam ng TL yan dapat.Pwera nlng kung tlgng wala cla pakialam sa paligid nila.Me ganung pinuno di kayang patahimikin myembro nia.

Pare-parehas taung umaakyat,tama ka. Pare-parehas din ba tenga natin? At kung minsan,ituturo mo tlg kung cno salarin para matauhan nman.

Wala pong sisihan mga Sir/Mam,magpakita nlng tau ng disiplina at respeto sa paligid na ating inaakyat.Salamat sa pang-unawa


Anonymous said...

@ anonymous: normal na sir yang ganyang mga pangyayari sa taas ng bundok d maiiwasan yan merong maiingay talaga na umaakya. masanay ka na sir. kasi tyo pa yung mahihiya na kausapin eh para pata himikin sila. masasanay ka rin. lalo na cguro sir pag umakyat ka ng mt. marami traverse hindi sa ingay ka mababadtrip sa mga baka kasi yung tent mo papasukin talaga ng maraming baka ewan ko lng kung maka tulog ka.

Anonymous said...

nung umakyat ako noon sa bundok merong maingay, lumabas ako sabi ko "sapakan na lang pare". lima tent nila. ako isa lang kasi freelance ako. naka shorts ako. pero merong sukbit na hunting knife, rambo issue sa binti ko. solve. wala na nagingay. ayos ba mga tsong!

burog of badrighthook team.

Anonymous said...

heheheh..ayos ka jan...swerte mo walang bumili sa gusto mo.nagmalaki ka pa sa kagaguhan mo.hindi ka dapat umaakyat ng bundok dapat sa yo sa parola para bilhin yang style mo ...

Anonymous said...

hahaha! sa parola.. hindi ata sila natakot sayo naawa lang kasi isa ka lang.. hehe! pati ba naman yang ganyang ugali dinadala sa bundok..

Anonymous said...

mga sir: wala akong nakikitang kasamaan maidudulot kung ako man ay maghamong magpambuno sa bundok. ako'y nagpapawis sa pag akyat upang maibsan man lamang ang aking pagod at mailabas ang mga naipong sama ng loob mula sa trabaho at kung ano ano pang dulot ng pakikidigma sa mga elemento ng ating lipunan. isa lang ang aking layunin sa pag akyat: takasan ang nakakaborong pangyayari sa siyudad na wala nang pinagbago.

kung maingay din lang sa itaas nawawala na ang damdamin ng pag akyat. at kung mga sigaw ng "ang tunay na bida naka GINEBRA" din lang ang maririnig ko sa tuktok maigi pang umupo n lang ako sa harap ng tindahan ni aleng nene. kung ikaw ay mag ala AXLE ROSE sa summit hindi kita pakikialaman, bagkus matutuwa p ako at ikay nakatungtong sa tuktok. wala ng mas masaya pa dun, ang magbunyi sa tagumpay ng kapwa mo akyatero. ngaun kung wala kang disiplina sa camp site wala din tong problema kung kayo kayo lang.

burog of badrighthook team
funny when you're up there only to realize that there'so way to go but down.

rational said...

Nakakatuwa at iba tlaga ang freedom of speech sa pinoy M...Kudos sa mga nagbigay ng kanya knyang opinion...

Sa mga nakasama namin sa Pulag, ipagbunyi natin ang umaalab na puso ng isang mamumundok. Di man tayo magkakilala sa pangalan, for sure sa porma, hitsura at ugali...alam na.

Sa mga naksabay ko na hinayaan ako mga-advance pababa ng ambangeg..salamat po (call of nature na tlaga).Sa grupo na inabutan ko na paakyat pa lang, salamat sa kwentuhan habang hinihintay ko mga kasama ko.

Ilang beses na po akong nakaayat ng Pulag at nasubukan ko na halos lahat ng trail dito. Pero masasabi kong ang laki na ng pinagbago ng grassland sa tueing aakyat ako taon taon. Padami ng padami ang trails. At palawak ng palawak ang trails ng grassland. Sana palagi natin pangalagaan ang kahit anung bundok na tinatahak natin.

Umakyat ako sa Akiki nung Dec 27, nagulat ako ng makita ko na sobrang hina ng tubig sa jump off ng akiki, yung sa may skwelahan. Yung shed na ginagawang stop over ng mga mountaineer after pagkalagpas ng skewelwhan. Akalain mo gawa na sa yero.Napansin ko rin na ang laki ng tama ng bagyong Pepeng sa mossy Forest paakyat ng saddle. Daming nagtumbahan na puno, especially sa may last water source bago mag grass land.Anu kaya ang maabutan ko next year?

Again, paigtingin pa natin ang pagmamahal natin sa bundok at respeto sa kung anu man ang nabubuhay dito.

Kita kits sa trail and more power!May the forces be with you always!

Anonymous said...

punta kame ng mga kaibigan ko sa mt. pulag this feb. mga 3rd week via akiki trail.. as of now, 9 pa lang kame. pero baka abot ng 12. Kung may small group dyan na pupunta rin dun on the same date. sama nalng tayo :D Note lang pala, di po kame experienced mountaineers. Beginners lang :D

Anonymous said...

akyat kmi ng pulag dis feb 11-14 akiki-ambangeg trail sarap balikan ang mt. pulag... contact # 09157131931 manuel of la cuerdas mountaineers

Anonymous said...

inform ko lang kayo sa grupong "DOLPHINS RBM" regarding sa pag-iingay. nakasabay namin sila sa mt.gulugod baboy last november 28. grabe ang ingay. 4am na nagsisigawan pa. mga lasing na kasi. medyo wala ring disiplina pagdating sa pagkakalat. be ready at prepare sa pagwawala ng mga ito if ever makasabay nyo sila sa kahit anong bundok.

bulusok mountaineers said...

Pulag Climb Via Ambaguio Nueva Vizcaya Trail
Holy Week Climb April 2-4, 2010
for more info. text 09154331631

Cris-Bulusok Mountaineers

Anonymous said...

masyado kayo mapulitika...maaarte.. ok lang mag ingay, masyado lang kayong tahimik.. di nyo lang kc carry... tama na nga yang mga bangayan.. dapat sa bundok ngkakaisa... kung naiingayan kayo, lumabas kayo sa tent, pakiuasapan nyo in a nice way ung mga nag iingay, im sure susunod naman un sainu, natural kc minsan kapag intoxicated na sa alak ay uncontrolable din ang mga tone of voice natin.. kapag di napagsabihna, e di sigawan nyo rin...

Anonymous said...

akyat kame sa mt. pulag, akiki-ambangeg trail sa Febr. 20-22 :D kaso kaunti lang kami... sino pa po ang pupunta on the same date?

maddog said...

hmmmm... until now maingay pa din dito hehehehe, sir nyt grats kayo pa din ni coohlet. anyway guys sino may climb ng holywek via akiki-ambangeg trail ?

Anonymous said...

Excited na ako umakyat sa akiki trail..kaya lang first time ko mag-climb. =P

Anonymous said...

Sir..ask ko lng po ung mountaineering exp?
d ko kz ma gets ung ba ung mga naakyat n mountain..?

thnx po Sir

from;Sir Ghed

Anonymous said...

FYI lang medyo makapal pa usok sa Akiki trail until lower part ng mossy forest dahil sa sunog nung Feb.13. Good news is possible mag-climb via Akiki although mausok pa - isipin nyo na lang fog siya. hehe suggestion ko consult niyo muna si PASU bago kayo mag-climb. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

akiki-ambangeg trail
March 26 - 29 2010

Budget : 3k per head
Inclusive of : Round trip Manila - Baguio
: Rent sa Jeep
: Guide Fee
: Regs Fee
: Foods
: Socials Stuff

10 slots na lng po ang available.

Oraganized by
Scout MC : Fey Santos / 09157529480
GSM Trekkers : Grexy Montillana / 09152392229

Anonymous said...

baka may gusto sumabay, akyat po ako sa march 16 via ambangeg-akiki trail. email lang sa

Anonymous said...

guys...kitakits sa mt. pulag this holy week...via akiki trail kame...gud lak n lng xamen!!!arktrekker(^^^)

Anonymous said...

yung nasa taas na comment, ung mag-tetrek ng akiki trail..kelan ang start ng hike nyo? arkila ba kau ng jeep mga kapatid? pwede ba sumabay sa jeep, walo kasi kame aakyat sa holy week din. thanks.


Anonymous said...

Guys sa mga umakyat ng pulag..ok na ba ang lagay nya after nung nagkaroon ng sunog?
Balak kasi namin umakyat this may so we are hoping na maganda na ang view...

Anonymous said...

mga sir,,

pra po dun sa my plan umkyat akiki-ambangeg trail paki e-mail po details sa po nmen sumabay sana...mas maaga po ms mgnda pra mpghndaan din nmen...

-team ganis

nightcreature said...

question lang po dun sa mga naka-akyat na this summer, may water source paba dun sa akiki. hinde ba naapektuhan ng el nino ung mga water source? Thanks..

Anonymous said...

hi gideon!im kathy just wanna try po sana na umakyat ng bundok kaso wala akong kasama.meron ka bang mairerecommend na pede kong samahan and they are also willing na maisama ako.thanks.kindly email me at or you may contact me at 0922-207-8828.thanks

Anonymous said...

We just climbed Mt. Pulag last April 1-4 via akiki. Ok naman ung trail kahit nagkasunog. Nag-uling lang ung mga pine trees pero di naman naapektuhan ung trails and views. Di naman po umabot ung sunog sa summit dun lang sa side ng akiki trail.

Sa water source, first source is ung eddet river, tingin ko di naman matutuyo yun, sobrang lamig ng water, sarap maligo kaso bawal. Then 2nd sa may marlboro country meron din kaso mahina, then 3rd mga 1-2 hours from marlboro, dat's d last water source na na-encounter namin so todo puno kame ng mga lalagyan. Ewan ko lang ngaun kung meron pa kasi super init ngaun, bago kau umakyat check with the guides kung ano kundisyon ng mga water source na yun para makapaghanda kau. Sa bandang ambangeg ung mga supposed to be WS eh tuyot. Sa camp 2 daw meron, mga 20 minutes away pero di na kame nag-abala, tipid na lang sa tubig.

Sa mga aakyat ingat na lang po. Mainit nung umakyat kame, cguro mas mainit pa ngaun. Pero super lamig kapag gabi so prepare accordingly. Apir sa inyo mga fellow mountaineers.


Anonymous said...

i'm planning to climb this june 25-27th...3 pa lang kami,ako, my sister and a lady friend..


1.meron po bang aakyat sa dates na yun para makasingit kami para mkatipid sa expenses..

2. meron na po bang nka akyat dun at that time of the yr? any probs met? like wet weather, no "sea of clouds" etc?


Anonymous said...

sir roy

may sked kame ng pulag pero july 15-18 pa.. kung ok seneo ung date txt mo lang ako.. open climb un at anniversary na rin ng grupo.. tnx

tj: 09157802408/09391416449
Luksong Tinik Mountaineering Society

Anonymous said...

sa mga maiingay at nag iingay sa bundok. meron tayo tinatawag na lights off at wag naman sana lumagpas ng 11pm. kung napasarap ang inuman pede naman hindi malakas ang usapan or lumayo sa camp site na meron ng natutulog.

wag sana na natin kalimutan na high octane ang unleaded gasoline. this means kahit MSR at NORTH FACE na tent masusunog kapag meron nag tanim ng sama ng loob sa grupo niyo. just keep in mind na respeto lang ang kailangan natin sa bundok.

Bj-salonga said...

Good day,

Our group is planning to scale Mt. Pulag via Akiki/Ambangeg trail and will probably time it near the death anniversary of Ninoy Aquino, assuming that since noynoy is the new pres. that hopefully he'll declare that it be a non-working holiday. we dont have an official headcount yet, but based in our last independence climb at pico (12-13) there we're at least fifteen (15) of us all together.

I would like to invite the small groups planning to climb Mt. Pulag to join our group this August to minimize the travel expense specially with the rent of the jeep.

For anyone who's interested, just visit our multiply site or shoot me an email at


Anonymous said...

we are planning to climb mt.Pulag on july 27. Small group lang kme, 3-4 pax. may makakasabay kya kme? tnx -anthony

Anonymous said...

Nice one BJ, naunahan mo na ako mag post hahaha...

Yeah we are inviting small groups or individuals who would like to join us to minimize the travel expense. We are planning to schedule our climb on August 18-22 optional to go home on Aug23 since we'll be back at baguio that day.


kor said...

Hi! Anybody planning to climb sometime September? I'd be interested to join. Kaya lang i would prefer yung 3-day duration lang, Maybe Sep 3-5 if possible?:). May isa pa akong friend who would be joining.

Question: Same rate din po ba ung Entrance fee for foreigners?

cherry said...

Hi ma'am my mom is organising a trip to mt. pulag with a group of people overseas, would u like to join? just send her a message me or call me at 09175009384.

jp said...

anyone here planning to climb between September 17-21, 2010...

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