Hiking matters #356: Mt. Elbrus acclimatization hike – Mt. Terskol

TERSKOL, RUSSIA – Today we did our first acclimatization hike, ascending over 900 meters up the ridgeline in Mt. Terskol, which measured 2981 MASL in my altimeter. The weather was great, and  we managed to have a glimpse of Mt. Elbrus itself, glacier white and majestic.

The trail was actually a rough road that leads to an astronomical observatory, so it would be akin to the trail of Mt. Batulao or parts of Mt. Ugo. Its particular beauty, however, derives from the alpine peaks that surround it, and the floral ensemble that summer brings.

Now we are back in our hotel in Terskol, where we will spend the night before heading to Mt. Elbrus tomorrow! I pray that we will be granted good weather, safety, and success in this expedition.

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2 Comments on "Hiking matters #356: Mt. Elbrus acclimatization hike – Mt. Terskol"

10 years 11 months ago

Caucasus Mountain Range is absolutely beautiful!

I really wonder why Mount Elbrus is said to be the home to the 'world's nastiest' outhouse.

BTW, do you guys taking the Normal Route or the Kiukurtliu Route?

Beautiful images!

10 years 11 months ago

Hiking up a gigantic mountain can be a significantly freeing experience. It dares you to face you fear and finish the trail with huge confidence.