Hiking matters #354: Hiking in Hong Kong – Ma On Shan (馬鞍山) loop hike

TERSKOL, RUSSIA – Before we headed to Russia to make our ongoing attempt to climb Mt. Elbrus, we stopped by Hong Kong for two days, and  we had the opportunity to climb Ma On Shan, which was recommended to me by several friends including Steve White of Action Asia, who graciously met with our group when we went outdoor shopping in Mong Kok.

For our Ma On Shan hike, we were fortunate to be accompanied by Joel, Mon, and Blossom of the HK-based Filipino Mountaineers Society. We met up in Ma On Shan MTR station, took a cab to the Ma On Shan barbecue park, then started trekking. We followed Joel’s recommendation of doing a loop hike, starting and ending at the same point. 
This loop hike initially passed through rough roads and really well-established, wide foot trails. I was so happy that the loop hike passes by a good section of HK’s famed Maclehose Trail, from Pyramid Hill to Ma On Shan! We were trekking from 500-600 masl with a scenic  view of the cities and coastlines of HK. 

We passed by a ridgeline and went up and down four small peaks and it was very much reminiscent of Mt. Batulao. It was sometimes hot, sometimes windy, and oftentimes humid, with nik-nik and flying ants to make the hike more interesting. At the end of the 5 hour hike I was filled with the realization that HK has a lot to offer and I hope I can come back for more. Thanks Joel, Mon, and Blossom and the Mt. Elbrus team for this wonderful hike!

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