Thursday, May 22, 2008

Southern Mindanao

Mt. Apo/Kidapawan-Magpet: Davao + North Cotabato / 2956m (#1)
Mt. Apo/Kapatagan-Kidapawan: Davao + North Cotabato / 2956m (#1)
Mt. Apo/Sibulan-Kapatagan: Davao del Sur / 2956m (#1)

Mt. Apo/Traverse from Mt. Talomo: Davao + Davao Del Sur (#1/#14)
Mt. Bongao: Tawi-Tawi / 314m
Mt. Candalaga: Compostela Valley / 2402m (#29)
Mt. Hamiguitan: Davao Oriental / 1620m
Mt. Matutum: South Cotabato / 2293m
Mt. Parker (Lake Holon): South Cotabato / 1400m
Mt. Piapayungan: Lanao del Sur / 2817m (#7)
Mt. Puting Bato: Samal Island / 410m
Mt. Talomo: Davao City / 2674m (#14)
Mt. Tampurong: Davao del Sur /1682m
White Peak (Mt. Pandadagsaan): Compostela Valley / 2670m (#13)

Southern Mindanao possesses the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mt. Apo - which covers North Cotabato and the Davao provinces. This towering presence is a natural sanctuary that is home to the Phiippine Eagle. The major centers are Davao City and General Santos City. Aside from Mt. Apo, another famous destination is Lake Holon - said to the 'cleanest water in the country' in South Cotabato's Mt. Parker. A trip to this mountain would also take you to the scenic town of Lake Sebu, the "summer capital" of the region. Numerous sidetrip possibilities include Samal Island, the beaches in Sarangani province, and countless waterfalls and caves. Mt. Matutum - set in the pineapple plantations of Tupi, South Cotabato - is also a favorite climb.

The several other trails of Mt. Apo are a priority to be covered; Mt. Candalaga's reputed beauty is something that we wish to share also, as soon as we have information. Mt. Piapayungan, the highest 'unclimbable' mountain in the Philippines, is listed under the 'Closed mountains status bulletin' of PinoyMountaineer. Hopefully, as correspondence with mountaineering groups in Southern Mindanao increases and as the situation in some parts improve, we will have more mountain destinations here.

Ateneo de Davao Mountaineering Club (AMC)
Digos Outdoors
Mountaineering Federation of Southern Mindanao
Sandawa-Apo Mountaineering and Ecology Club
Tacurong Mountaineers and Adventure Club (TAMAC)


kay jd said...

hi kuya gid,
surprise surprise.i attended thsi ict training and now i became a blogger. hope to visit you more often.
take care always tita babes

Anonymous said...

hello sa mga taong bukid jan kayo pom ay aking inaanyayahan sa darating na september 27,28 2nnd annual penek busay at Digos City,,, plz do MFPI.ORG.and invite me et thanks

come and join!!

Anonymous said...

hello sa mga taong bukid jan kayo pom ay aking inaanyayahan sa darating na september 27,28 2nnd annual penek busay at Digos City,,, plz do MFPI.ORG.and invite me et thanks

come and join!!

Anonymous said...

any outdoor activities?from manila....i miss the outdoors.any suggestions pipz?

Anonymous said...

Hi! :D

Climbed to Mt. Apo via geothermal plant. HAHA. La lang =)

Take care! :)

Keith S said...

Just found your site and am excited to check it out more. Apo is on my list of to-dos when we take another trip to Davao City.

gideon said...

First PinoyMountaineer Organized climb to Mt. Apo on July 22-26:

Anonymous said...

i love ur site.. now i appreciate my husband being a mounteneer more and for having love for so happy that i have a husband na mounteneer....

take care:)

Jessabelle said...

i enjoyed being there in mount apo..its really a good place for meditation..i spent my holy week there and it was really a memorable moment being there..
i just want to thanks to thE DIGOS ACTIVE MOUNTAINEERS for their efforts and service given to all participants..


Anonymous said...

can anyone give an information about the kidapawan trail f is it open for mountaineers this time? pls..pls..pls..


Anonymous said...

so can i join this group?can u please send me ur nstruction n my e mail b waiting for your response

Anonymous said...

visit us.. here at kabacan northn cotabato.. daming spot d2... caving at peak ng mt. akir akir.. tnx nikki

ryme said...

ser info/details po b kayo about Mt. Ragang?

J B said...

Any suggestions who to contact to organise a Mt Apo climb in January?

victor said...

group of 5 climbing apo feb 23-25 2012,kapatagan kidapawan trail. kindly email me if you want to join us.... thanks

bhot tan said...

My nephew would like to climb Mt. Apo January 2013. Is it okay to climb said mountain after typhoon Pablo? Any group to contact to join climbing trip on said date?

Anonymous said...

We are planning a Talomo-Mt Apo Mega traverse end of March 2013. Email me if you are interested in joining us -


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