Hiking matters #157: Mt. Malinao, one of the three peaks of Albay

As the second mountain of our ‘Bicol Express’ – a week-long journey across Bicolandia involving several dayhikes – Iron Lady Jo Steven and I climbed Mt. Malinao with Alinao Guardian Mountaineers head JR Casi. Now Malinao is one of the three peaks of Albay, together with the famous Mt. Mayon and the little-known Mt. Masaraga.

We met at Tabaco, then proceeded to the jumpoff at Brgy. Tanawan, Malinao, Albay. The rice fields were golden, and against them the mountain rose beautifully as we approached the trailhead.
We started hiking at 0830H, from a cold spring resort. From there, we passed by abaca plantations and, after an hour or so reached the Sugad Plaza, which is an open area featuring nice views of the Eastern coast of Albay. We also caught a glimpse of Mayon Volcano, even as it was fast getting covered with clouds. Another attraction of the trail are the rivers and streams with some nice cascades. It is said that elsewhere in the mountain there are some really nice waterfalls.
Sugad Plaza is a favorite campsite, with a wide space (hence the ‘plaza’ in its name) and a nearby water source. From Sugad Plaza to the peak, we passed through a nice forest, with some remarkable flora. The trails were straightforward and were reminiscient of other forested mountains like Mt. Cristobal and Mt. Makiling. It was not particularly steep, and the trails were well-established.
By 1215H, we had reached the peak, which at 1450 MASL, is part of the ‘crater rim’ of Malinao, it being an ancient volcano. Although at first we had no view, after half an hour of waiting, the clouds parted and gave us a view of the ancient crater, which is now verdant with vegetation.
After another half an hour, we commenced our descent and got back at the trailhead after two odd hours of pleasant hiking. We had a nice post-climb dip at the cold spring pool before heading back to Legazpi. We bade JR farewell, but we would, in just a few days, meet with him again for another exciting climb, this time up the famous Mt. Mayon using the new trail. It will come up in a future ‘Hiking matters’!

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11 Comments on "Hiking matters #157: Mt. Malinao, one of the three peaks of Albay"

12 years 2 months ago

Just completed a dayhike of Mt. Malinao last 03/17/2012.

Just sharing some important things during the climb

1.) The best person to contact (and guide you) is Junjun Corteza of Alinao Mountaineers. you may look for him in Bgy.Sugcad, Malinao. That's just the adjoining barangay to Bgy.Tanawan. He is pretty well known in the area.

2.) You may commence jump-off in 3 different places: a.)Via Bgy. Tanawan (back of AMATER Spring Resort); b.)Via Bgy.Sugcad (traversing up leading to the rough road); c.)Via dirt road in Bagcuison.

3.) Per Sir Junjun, the old trail from plaza sugcad to the summit have been washed out by typhoon Juaning last year. They had to make a new trail, which is a bit steeper but more straightforward to the summit.

4.) Cloud covering is common at the summit. You'll have to stay and wait for a good 30-45mins for a clearing window of only about 25-30seconds. After that, another set of clouds will pass by.


12 years 3 months ago

Check out FB page Adventure Consultants to secure guides for Mt. Malinao! or email charcoal24@gmail.com
Salamat po!


12 years 7 months ago

Sir gid, sino po ang pwedeng kontakin na guide dito? balak ko pong umakyat this october. thanks a lot!

13 years 16 days ago

@genezide_jr, pwede ba ako sumabay sa inyo? Uwi kami ng parents ko sa 25th. Mukhang interesting yung mt. Malinao.

@sir Gideon, ano itinerary for Mt. Malinao? Sino pwede kontakin for this? Jah Bless.

-Arnel of BUSOG Mountaineers

13 years 1 month ago

any climb on June?!! 🙂 will be going home for vacation and am hoping to join a climb..