My top 10 international climbs of 2011

2011 was a very productive year for me not only in terms of local climbs, of which I had forty, but also international climbs, which totaled twenty. Of course, many 0f them are just small climbs but they are very important and memorable to me! Here’s my top 10 international climbs of 2011:
1. Mt. Trusmadi (Malaysia)
I climbed the second highest mountain in Malaysia with my friends from the Orang Gunung Kuala Lumpur (OGKL) club. Narrated in HM #140.
2. Mt. Kinabalu (Malaysia)
Two weeks later, I returned to Malaysia to climb Mt. Kinabalu with a group of 30 Filipinos in the PinoyMountaineer Mt. Kinabalu Expedition 2011. Narrated in HM#151.
3. Hehuanshan 合歡山 (Taiwan)
Medical student Terence Kua and I explored the hiking wonders of Taiwan and ended up in beautiful Hehuanshan, set high in the Central Mountain Range, and rising up to 3421 MASL. Narrated in HM#173.
4. Taroko Gorge National Park (Taiwan)
Tantalizing Taroko is one of Taiwan’s top attractions, and we did the Shakadang Trail, one of the most recommended trails that took us to some of the spectacular sights in the gorge. Narrated in HM#177.
5. Shuisheishan 水社山 (Taiwan)
The bamboo groves of this mountain, the highest in the Sun Moon Lake area, was just one of the highlights in a very challenging but rewarding dayhike. Narrated in HM#170.
6. Langbiang Mountain (Vietnam)
Swami Del and I climbed the highest mountain in South Vietnam, Langbiang Mountain in the beautiful city of Da Lat. The pine trees of Langbiang reminded us of the Cordilleras, and the climb was very nice. Narrated in HM#181.
7. Bukit Tabur (Malaysia)
Again thanks to Deeno Lot and his friends in OGKL, I was able to do my first climb in Peninsular Malaysia, Bukit Tabur, the popular dayhike within the KL area. Narrated in HM#195.
8. Shiraga-dake Traverse (Japan)
For three days in autumn, I did solo dayhikes in the Kansai region of Japan, and on the third day, I had great weather and did a very nice climb in Hyogo Prefecture – Shiraga-dake. Narrated in HM#201.
9. Snow Mountain (Taiwan)
My second trip to Taiwan this year features this three-day adventure with the Snow Mountain Expedition Team, which took us up the second highest point in Taiwan at 3886 MASL. What a beautiful climb! One of my all-time favorites. Narrative starts at HM#210.
10. Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
Kilimanjaro is one of my dream mountains, and the fulfillment of this dream concludes this year that has been filled with adventure. Ongoing narrative starts at HM#220.
Many thanks to the participants of the Kinabalu, Snow Mountain (Hi Lear, Mafel, Doc Koko, Julian, Coby, and Farah!), and Kilimanjaro Expeditions! Special mention to Terence Kua who joined me in Taiwan, Swami Del who joined me in Vietnam and Kili; the OGKL particularly Deeno Lot who took me to Trusmadi and Bukit Tabur, and finally, to the Kilimanjaro Team: FR, Swami, Mutya, Farah, and Doc Jun! Hope to see you all in future international climbs!

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12 years 3 months ago

Hello Mountaineers,

We will be climbing Mt Tapulao this coming Saturday January 21, hope we can have some groups join us. We are from Alabang.