Hiking matters #233: A nice and refreshing dayhike of Mt. Maculot’s Rockies

Maculot is truly one of my favorite dayhikes, and today, thank God, I was able to climb again in the Philippines, for the first time in 2012, after my Europe trip. The timing was perfect, as Agot Isidro was also free and thus we did our first climb in quite a while – the last being Pico de Loro, narrated in HM#179. Joining us were Lance Dy and my brods Carlo Polo Dumlao and Ulysses Gopez.

We left early in Manila, and we were climbing before 0800H. We took a relaxed pace, enjoying the fresh breezes that come from Taal Lake, but going up Maculot’s Rockies is really just a short trek up some wooded slopes, until you reach the grasslands (talahibang n) from which the campsite is not very far. We went straight for the Rockies.
Cool winds, nice views, happy day!” – this was what I tweeted from the Rockies, and these words captured succinctly my feelings while I was there. Of course, I have climbed Maculot several times but it is still a joy to be back, especially on a weekday when there’s nobody else in the mountain. Maculot on weekends is totally different.
I’m glad that whenever I am at the Rockies, I could still feel that nothing has changed in the mountain, it is I who have changed through the years. I fear that with the excessive use of the mountain on weekends, it could change for the worse, but despite my growing concern, I have faith in the future generation of hikers.
After a quick descent, we headed to Rose and Grace Restaurant in Sto. Tomas where we had a great lunch of Pinoy dishes. Thanks Agot for the treat! It’s only 1500H now and I’m home, delighted with what turned out to be another nice and refreshing dayhike!

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2 Comments on "Hiking matters #233: A nice and refreshing dayhike of Mt. Maculot’s Rockies"

11 years 10 months ago

sir madumi pa rin ba ang trail maculot?

12 years 3 months ago

hi gids 🙂 i hope this note finds you well… good to know you're back 🙂 i'll call you tomorrow.. i have something to tell you re ka perying. take care always – kat