Hiking matters #197: Third Annual Charity Climb: At the summit of Mt. Ugo

The Third Annual Charity Climb pushed through in Mt. Ugo last weekend, with over 30 participants, with our health information advocacy, Kalusugan.PH, as the beneficiary.
Because of the rain, I was not able to take out my camera until we reached the summit. We had spent the previous night in Domolpos village, after a brisk trek from Kayapa, then Indupit.
Still, everyone enjoyed the night at the elementary school. Also. participants brought much-needed medicines that were highly appreciated by the village midwife, Emily.
From Domolpos village, it took us 1.5-2 hours to reach the summit early the next day. We pushed through, determined to complete the traverse of over 30 kilometers.

The view of triumphant faces at the summit, I felt, more than made up for the gray skies. It is always a joy for me to climb with people who have such a positive outlook!

Thank you very much to the participants of the Charity Climb and the volunteers: Guido, Koi, and Sir Martin. Hoping to climb with everyone again soon!
2009: Mt. Pulag, for medical supplies in Bokod 42a 42b
2010: Tirad Pass, for PGH patients & a med mission 78 79
2011: Mt. Ugo and Mt. Pulag, for Kalusugan.PH 197 198

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