Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bicol Region

Bulusan Volcano: Sorsogon / 1548m
Mayon Volcano: Albay / 2462m
Mt. Asog (Iriga): Camarines Sur / 1140m

Mt. Binanderahan: Rapu-Rapu, Albay / 500m
Mt. Cagmasuso: Catanduanes / 600m
Mt. Isarog/Panicuason Trail: Camarines Sur / 1966m
Mt. Isarog/Patag-Patag Trail: Camarines Sur / 1870m
Mt. Labo: Camarines Norte / 1544m
Mt. Lantad: Catanduanes
Mt. Malinao: Albay / 1548m
Mt. Masaraga: Albay
Mt. Pulog: Sorsogon / 1020m

Bicol Express: Seven Mountains in Eight Days

Lying in the peninsula that comprises Luzon island's southeast arm, Bicol Region's famous landmark is Mayon Volcano, the Philippine version of Japan's Mt. Fuji -- a perfect cone rising in all splendor. The main city of Legazpi, where Mayon's beauty can be seen, is a 12-hour trip from Manila. Aside from the famed Mayon, Mt. Isarog in Camarines Sur is a famous mountain, replete with various flora and fauna, as well as numerous waterfalls. Other mountains include Mt. Asog, Mt. Labo, and Mt. Bulusan, which has active volcanic activity. Bicolanos are known to have a taste for 'hot' foods like chili and peppers; their mountains are also 'hot', with Mayon being the most active volcano in the country. At present, climbing in Bulusan is not allowed, with its most recent eruption in 2007.


COVERAGE UPDATES started with Mt. Isarog and Mt. Asog on board. On September 2008, a Mayon Volcano article was added in PinoyMountaineer, and following the landmark Bicol Express series of climbs in 2011, as well as two climbs in Catanduanes, our database has grown substantially, culminating with the documentation of Mt. Bulusan on June 2012. We're working to have itineraries and information for the other mountains and outdoor destinations in the region.


Hiking matters #275: Mt. Bulusan, Cradle of Beauty Day 1
Hiking matters #276: Mt. Bulusan, Cradle of Beauty Day 2
Hiking matters #277: The wonderful fauna of Mt. Bulusan
Hiking matters #278: A dayhike of Mt. Isarog via Patag-Patag

Aningal Mountaineering Club (Naga, Camarines Sur)
KADLAGAN Outdoors (Naga, Camarines Sur)
MAISOG Mountaineers (Camarines Sur)
Mayon Mountaineers (Legaspi, Albay)
ORYOL Outdoor Group (Daet, Camarines Norte)

Photo courtesty of Sir Erick Bautista.


Anonymous said...

nice blog you have. :D

Regarding peaks in the Bicol region, there's another one about one and a half hours away from Legazpi City. It's a little known mountain called Mt. Malinao. Me and my cousins have been hiking halfway up this mountain more than once. It's an extinct volcano I was told since there is a crater on top. The TV show "Magandang gabi, bayan" once hiked up the crater together with biolgists from UPLB I believe. :Dn

Anonymous said...

saan yon papuntang sorsogon ba sir? or between naga and legaspi?- rey

gideon said...

thanks for the note about mt. malinao. at 1500+ MASL this should be interesting!

Anonymous said...

How about MT. Mayon? Any plans to try it? Pero mukhang wlang special na makikita kc panay bato. Cguro ang kakaiba lang ay ung kakabahan ka na baka mag erupt anytime habang asa taas ka. :) Pero I heard from locals doon na kakaiba ang feeling pag asa taas ka kc may Magnetic churva raw. Ewan ko kung totoo. :)

gideon said...

@mt. mayon would certainly make for a very interesting climb. sir nong of the provincial government of albay was kind enough to make arrangements for me to climb mt. mayon, but weather did not permit it. rains/floods are a great hindrance to a mayon climb, and so is excessive sunlight so i guess the best time to do mayon is november-december.

niel said...

I believe your information about Mt Labo is incorrect. I've climbed this mountain and I believe it is way above 1000+ meters. Around 1500 or so from what I remember. I'll have to check our BMC handbook for actual height.

niel said...

Additional note:

ORYOL Mountaineering Club is based in Daet (Cam Norte)

gideon said...

@niel: i agree that the elevation of mt. labo is at least 1500. indexmundi gives it an 1495 MASL whereas PHIVOLCS gives it a 1544 MASL. i think the earlier source was the old rodol map and we thank you for pointing this out.

we do not have yet an itinerary on mt. labo so if you are interested to share this mountain with us, please do so. more power to your group!

niel said...

Oh. Just to clarify, I'm not an ORYOL mountaineer. I'm with AMCI, though we did climb with ORYOL when we did Mt Labo. I'll try to get the IT of Labo for this (great) website.

From what I remember, it was an easy 4 hour trek to the campsite using an old miner's road (now overgrown with a lot of trees), then a more difficult/technical 3 hour assault to the summit. Will also get permission to post the contact numbers of people there.

Congrats on the Fujii climb, hope to do it someday as well.

Anonymous said...

i've been to legazpi, albay just this weekend,,
the locals told me that the crater of the mayon can't be climbed
due to the intensity of the heat the volcano is emitting..
they told me that once,,a foreigner tried to climb up to he crater but unfortunately..he didn't made it and believed that he died during his climb..
just an info mga sir,mga ma'am..
i don't know if it's true or not..
but that's according to the locals.. i tried to verify this story if it's just a hearsay and ask alot of locals..
but they have told the exact same thing about the incident..
so maybe,,it must be true..
and also..they told me that one could go closest to the crater is only in the half way part of the active volcano..
again..i don't know if it's true though..

more power to your site sir..

gideon said...

@niel: thanks, i look forward to the mt. labo IT!

@anonymous: yeah, i think the so-called "mayon climb" doesn't reach all the way to the very summit -- due to the concern that you mentioned. however, there may be people who have summitted it when it wasn't as active. hopefully we'll find out soon!

LJ said...

hi! am a newbie for posting here on this site!

1st off, kudos for this wonderful and informative website! it is a very helpful tool for all hikers/climbers indeed.

am planning to do a hiking/climbing trip to mayon (probably early next year?). when is the best time & who should i contact regarding arrangements for guides, passes, etc.? any help would be highly appreciated.

more power to PINOYMOUNTAINEER!!!

gideon said...

hi lj, your best bet is the albay provincial tourism office. actually, there haven't been mayon climbs lately but the only impediment is rains and floods. so the best time to climb mayon is the dry season - march-april. but it can be climbed at any time of the year.

good luck! i will post updates on mayon as soon as they are available.


bruce said...

Hi I read with interest comments about Mt Mayon. I was able to climb as far as he knife edge in June. The tourist office in Albay is very helpful and can supply guides. How ever there are two independent groups that have equipment which is cheaper, both are registered with the Tourist office. One is situated at the rear of Gasano the other has info in most hotels. We paid P6000 which included two porters, one guide, myself to knife edge and my girl friend to camp one. Food and tent were supplied (no mattress)

We began at 1pm reaching camp one at 4pm. Quite an easy good viewing hike. Following morn we left at 6am, its a hard climb and ropes are required in parts, also very slippery. Most of the climb one is exposed to the sun. Took us about 4 hours to reach the knife edge, one can go no further as its not permitted, I would estimate if allowed it would take another 90 minutes to crater.

Coming down also hard, hot as one is mostly on lahar and very steep, again we used ropes in parts. Once down we took a welcome dip in one of the cold pools....Finally reaching the highway at 6pm, a hard climb but rewarded with beautiful views over Albay.

gideon said...

hi bruce, thanks for sharing with us your climb. i think you've achieved the closest to the peak as possible as of the moment - although veteran mountaineers have told me that they were able to reach the summit in the 80s and 90s.

would you have contact numbers of the tourism office in albay and the groups there?

meanwhile ill look up this mayon question and try to find whether it is possible (or safe) to get a special permit to climb up to the crater.

bruce said...

Hi Gideon,
The number of Albay tourist office is 052) 820 6314, 820-6316. The head guy there is very helpful, unless the situation has changed since June no way is it possible to get to the crater.

If its now possible to do the crater I would recommend a a second night at camp 2 or alternatively (if your super fit) come back to Camp 1 and over night. Its a pretty hard very steep climb.

Hope next week to climb Mount Canlaon so will share this also.

Wish you success for beautiful mayon.

gideon said...

hi bruce. thanks to you and the albay tourism office i was able to piece things together and we now have a mt. mayon page in pinoymountaineer. feel free to contribute and add inputs for this page:

hope to hear about your future climbs!

whe! said...

hi,,im whe!!

add nyo naman grupo namin sa ang "ALINAO GUARDIANS MOUNTAINEERS"


Anonymous said...

A very informative site. I got everything I need to know just reading thru the comments. I will be in Legaspi come December 26 for a week. I am very much tempted to try Mt Mayon as this would be my first volcano. Looking forward to meeting people and seeing awesome views.

cheers to pinoymountaineer.


Anonymous said...

SARIGi Sorsogon Adventure and Recreational Integrated Group, Inc. ...join nlng kau pg my paclimb kmi...tnx.

Anonymous said...

thanks sir gideon for making mountaineering a little bit easier for all of us:-) we,tukador outdoor club(TOC) naga city, organizes annual open climb around cam. sur. every now and then.

gideon said...

@tukador: you are most welcome. keep us updated about your open climbs so we can help spread the word about them.


Anonymous said...

good morning po..
magtatanung lang po sana ako if meron pong nakaka-alam ng magndang IT para s asog-isarog / isarog-asog?
tsaka kung advisable po ba siyang akyatin sa holy week dahil sa malamang na dami ng climbers, baka hindi ma-accommodate ng campsite lahat?
salamat po..


Reggae Princess said...

Hellow my fellow bicolanos,

I've noticed wala ang Catanduanes sa mga nabanggit. Wala namang ganong kataasang bundok dun, parang siera madre ranges lang sila,..but you can do traverse sa mga mountains like, Mt Pacugon, Mt Owayon, Mt Lantad, Mt Kagmasuso..

May mountaineering group din dun,.. pioneering ang... GREENCAT (Group of Environment Enthusiasts of Catanduanes) ..this is their 13th year na sa mountineering..

Try nyo sa Catanduanes Mountain Ranges...

Thanks and God bless

Anonymous said...

the Sorsogon Outdoor Society (SOS) would like to thanks the Federation of Bicol Mountaineers Inc. esp. sir Dan Arispe, GREENCAT Mountaineers (Catanduanes)esp. Baba, Nature Keepers Mountaineers, MAENOC Mountaineers, ALINAO Mountaineers, ORYOL Mountaineers, Tribu Bulusan,TABAK Mountaineers, Mt. BCMC, Samingkil, Mayon Mountaineers, Tribal Outdoor Mountaineers and all the freelancers who joined the 1st ANNUAL FREEDOM CLIMB held in Mt. Pulog, Sorsogon City last june 12-14, 2009. thanks to you guys... hope to see you soon... MABUHAY TAYONG LAHAT...

Anonymous said...

i would like to invite those interested to join and climb mt.Bulusan this coming august 21-23,2009.see you there

Anonymous said...

I would like some info to facilitate climb to Mt. Labo this month

fherdz/oryol_fbmi said...

goodday sir,sa gustong umakyat ng mt.labo sa camarines norte pki kontak nyo po c rey campita,oryol member:09214960730 maari nya kayong matulungan pra sa mga impormasyon at guide...salamat!

Anonymous said...

goodday sir.. i am a newly climber .. how can i join to those who are interested in recruiting new members.. this is my contact.. on globe 09278178538 or on smart 09297731690 neither email me on thank you...

Anonymous said...

gud day sir ! baka pede nyo din po include mt. bulusan sa list ng mga pede akyatan d2 sa bicol region, especially po sa prov. ng sorsogon. tnx and more power sa pinoy mountaineers....

Anonymous said...

goodday sir,tnong ko lng po kng merong grupo na ang pngalan PANIK mountianeers?ask ko lng po f active pa cla..tnx more power to ur site

Anonymous said...

add nyo naman group namin SORSOGON OUTDOOR SOCIETY (S.O.S.)

tnx a lot sir...

Anonymous said...

try nyo din po sir tong not-so-famous Mt. Masaraga sa Albay. thanks

about po pla sa Mt. Mayon, di talaga makaakyat sa crater, hanggang sa Knife Edge lng po, parang ridge sya near the summit.not so safe though, pero kng thrill ang habol mganda. tsaka may sumthing magnetic po tlaga dun haha

Anonymous said...


Plan po namin umakyat sa mt. bulusan, any advice?

Anonymous said...

mga sir/mam, may akyat b guiting-guiting G2x, mga invite nman kyo........

Anonymous said...

Hi Gid,

I’ve been to Mt. Pulog on a dayhike in Sorsogon last Nov 1, 2009. It is truly an astig destination with a great crater lake either dried up (cracked white floor, para kang wala sa Philippines ) or with a pool of water. We spotted a Philippine eagle during our crater descent, and a flying owl (like the one Harry Potter owns, yung kulay white) sa basecamp, mejo padilim na kitang kita ko yung face. May wild berries din dito that time lang ako nakatikim, our ever so lovable limatiks (wala pag mainit), Merong traverse pahirapan climb passing ata yung PNOC tower, traversing several gullies and requires multi-day hike as narrated by my guide. This is a relatively newly discovered mountain destination, 2004 lang daw ito sinimulang akyatin at iexplore ng mga mountaineers. Kitang kita dito ang neighboring Bulusan and Bacon coastline (tama ba yung term ko)

Fascinating ang history nito with Sorsogon Outdoor Society (kung tama pagkakaintindi ko). They saw on a topomap na me lake ang Mt. Pulog, tried searching for it in 2004, only to be laughed at by the elders of the village. “Tagal na namin dito pero wla pa kaming nakikitang lake jan ”. The first time they tried its zero visibility at the “summit”, but they retried nevertheless. The second try they saw what they are looking for. Crystal lake in the midst of an unexplored mountain. From then unti unti nilang inexplore ung area. Nung ascent namin sumama yung me edad na father ng guide ko, just to see for himself yung sinasabing crater lake.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Sir Toks of Sorsogon Outdoor Society for accommodating me, you can reach him via his mobile number 09205245656 if you need assistance. Please contact also Bicol Fed via Sir Dan Arispe, I believe you have his number if you want to pay a visit. I hope you’ll try its short but strenuous trail, and feature it as part of your blog. Disheartening kasi wala daw nagpupuntang taga-Maynila or from any other part of the Philippines except Bicolanos… and surprisingly mga foreigner some of whom are Everest Summiteers. Thanks.


Anonymous said...


Lets post the climb in Mts Labo,Malinao,Isarog,Asog,Mayon,Malinao,Pulog, Bulusan and mountains in Catanduanes and Masbate. Lets create an awareness for our fellow bundokero from different parts of our country....Tara na sa Bicol.....salam

nomad1104 said...

im planning to climb mt asog/isarog sana this month pero sana may makakasama ako..

Anonymous said...

tnx 4 promoting mt. pulog, of sorsogon... welcome po lahat gus2 mka akyat sa pulog... mabuhay po tyong lahat.. let's promote responsible mountaineering...

Anonymous said...

were planning to scale mt.bulusan in sorsogon dis coming holy week.. baka sir mam me update kayo sa tel nos. ng kapitan ng brgy san roque.irosin tama ba na sa irosin or bulusan town nasasakop ang san roque?and how much na yung guide fee nila? sa bulusan town kasi plan nmin manggaling from manila then catch a ride to irosin... calling nman jan sa mga kaibigan natin sa fbmi and bicolandia outdoors..tnx..hintay ko po yung mabait na maGBIBIGAY NG INFO PARA MAGAWan na ng itiniraries yung climb namin .

Anonymous said...

Hi there fellow mountaineers! We’re inviting you guys to participate on our upcoming Mt.Labo Climb, on Feb 20-22. surf, skimboard & enjoy the soft sands and great waves of bagasbas beach!
Hosted by Tribu Guinobateno Mountaineering Club & Oryol Outdoor Group.
Registration Fee is only P150 (Inclusive of Souvenir I.D., Certificate, & Special Pinangat (laing bikol)or Longanisa Guinobatan.) yummy!!!! fudtrip!!!!
kindly contact this guys:
NEIL: 09155308616 /
KHOYS: 09273831458 /
JEROME: 09159457533
KEN: O9394652000 /
Kita kits!!!
Mabuhay ang Bikolano Mountaineers!!!

Anonymous said...

kelan po mauulit ito, pasabit naman po..:-)

Anonymous said...

gid musta na po c totoy po ako SAMINGKILOUTDOOR

Anonymous said...

to those who r interested to join at mt. bulusan hopefully this august feel free to tx me at this # 09087243301, thanks

Anonymous said...

Mountaineerinbg group in Catanduanes BICOL
1. GreenCat
2. Silang Mountaineers
3. Pasakat Mountaineers -

Mountains in Catanduanes:
1. Mt Pacugon - San Miguel
2. Mt.Oayon - Buyo, Virac
3. Mt. Lantad - Cabugao, Bato
4. Mt. Kagmasuso - Lictin, San Andres

What is know in Catanduanes:
1. Puraran Beach - Surfing Capital in Catanduanes
2. Luyang Cave - near Mt. Kagmasuso located in Lictin, San Andres

For more info visit:

Pasakat Mountaineers - Manila, is a non-profit, non-political, environmental organization. It advocates on environmental cause dedicated towards maintaining and protecting bio-ecological balance.

Anonymous said...

oi, sir gndang hapon grit ko lng po ang mga tga SORSOGON OUTDOOR SOCIETY (SOS) nd WEEDERS MOUNTAINEER!!!!! my climb ba tayo jan?

Anonymous said...

Group of Environment Enthusiasts of
Catanduanes Mountaineering and Outdoors
Club Inc.

in cooperation with:

FBMI (Federation of Bicol Mountaineers Inc.)


“Conquering Mt. Putingpadlos”
Boctot Mountain Ranges
Sto. Niño Virac, Catanduanes
October 21-23, 2010


OCT 20, 2010 (WEDNESDAY)

11:00am – 05:00pm arrival of participants
06:00pm – 07:00pm registration of
08:00pm Welcome & Orientation
- Itinerary
- Trail
- Campsite

DAY 1 – Oct. 21, 2010 (THURSDAY)

07:00am Assembly time at Capitol
Ground, sends off &
Photo Ops.
08:00am Jump off to brgy. Sto.
Niño Virac
08:15am ETA at brgy. Sto. Niño 08:30am Ascend to Camp 1
11:30am Lunch along the trail
04:00pm ETA to Camp 1
05:00pm Set Camp, Dinner
08:00pm Acquaintances
09:00pm TAPS

DAY 2 – Oct. 22, 2010 (FRIDAY)

04:00am Wakeup call
Breakfast preparation and
Pack lunch
06:00am Assault to Mt. Putingpadlos
11:00am Lunch along the trail
12:00pm ETA to Mt. Putingpadlos
Rest and picture picture
12:30pm Descent to Camp 1
05:00pm ETA at Camp1
(Estimated Maximum time)
06:00pm Dinner preparation
08:00pm bonding time
10:00pm TAPS

Day 3- Oct 23, 2010 (SATURDAY)

05:30 am Wake up call, Preparation
For breakfast and pack lunch
07:30 am Break Camp
08:30 am Descent to Brgy. Sto. Niño
11:00 am Lunch along the trail
01:00 pm ETA at Brgy. Sto. Niño
02:00 pm ETD to twin rock beach resort
02:45 pm ETA to twin Rock beach resort
03:00 pm Set camp/refreshing
& Swimming at twin rock
Beach resort
05:00 pm Dinner preparation
06:00 pm Dinner
07:00 pm Post climb & FBMI meeting
Awarding of Certificates &
Reggae Party!!!
Drink all u can (PASLO Vs LAPA)

Day 4- Oct 24, 2010 (SUNDAY)

5:30 am Break Camp
6:30 am ETA to SAN ANDRES Port
(For Mainland mountaineers)




- T-shirt
- Certificates
- I.D.
- Transpo from base camp
To jump off area
- transpo jump off area to
Reggae area
For details:
Mark Joseph Matira – 09395442370
Godwin Notnot Panti – 09098599813
Joseph Mark Vargas – 09182469363





5:30 AM departure
8:30 AM arrival

2nd TRIP

7:00 AM departure
3:00 PM arrival


06:00 AM departure
10:00 AM arrival


Jeepney rides 20 mins.
FARE: P25.00

FARE: P10.00


The organizer reserves the right to
change or alter some of the activities
for safety reasons. Individuals with
special medication are advice to bring
sufficient amount of their medicine


Anonymous said...

Price too High for a climb!!

Kakaakyat ko lang po sa MT. Bulusan last Sept 25-26 im a local of Sorsogon.3rd time ko nang umakyat don, still very interesting mountain. Kaya lang na dismaya ako sa presyo nang pag akyat 1200 pesos per head.Di malinaw ang breakdown nang presyo.Pero eto kasama.9 kaming umakyat at ang pinasama samin 3 guides(mandatory) at 3 porter(mandatory) nahindi naman namin kailangan, may tree planting kaya tigiisa kami nang itatanim na puno at registration fee.actually yun lang.certificate at resibo etc. wala.. Yung Philip Bartilet na nag orient samin panay livelyhood ang sinasabi sa orientation na parang responsibilidad ng mountaineers ang livelyhood program ng mga tao don at parang sila ang gumawa nang mt. bulusan para pagbayarin kami nang ganon. Buti sana kung may improvement ang bundok at naglalakad lang kami sa park na walang pagod. Anyway, for now po diko nirerecommend ang mt. Bulusan dahil sa AGAP Bulusan(ang may hawak nang mga activities sa BVNP)

Anonymous said...

Nakakalungkot naman 'yan. Balak ko pa naman ding umakyat sa mt. bulusan sa summer, (at taga sorsogon city din ako.) Obligado po ba talagang dumaan sa kanila (agap). Unang target ko sana na gustong puntahan ay ang waterfalls sa may brgy. salvacion yata yon.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Good day to all. Nice site and am really happy I've stumbled into this. But then I find the comment about Bulusan climbing unnecessary. Yeah, I understand that the livelihood in the place a mountaineer is visiting is not their obligation but please understand that when a guide talks about the livelihood in an area it only means that they are trying to "show" you the place, to let you "understand" what was there. It is meant for your better appreciation. And you should appreciate a place that requires you to hire a guide because it is the purpose of TOURISM - to earn money, to contribute to the livelihood of the people in that place you are visiting. Remember, without this knowledable guides, there won't be any trails or an established one. If that happens, either you cannot climb the mountain or there would be trails and camps everywhere which as a mountaineer, I know you know what are the consequences of the latter. And please be thankful that there are people who are tasked to "look" after our muntains. As a mountaineer, you should be proud of these people (such as AGAP) becuase they are the one who controls the capacity or the mountain. These are the people who went through seminars and knows what they are doing. Bulusan Volcano is not the only place that pratice such but why single them out.

As for Mayon Volcano, one could still climb to the crater. It only needs you to have the skill, stamina, and lots of luck that the weather would be great on the day of your assault.

Well, hope some people would not be disccouraged from climbing Bulusan (of course when it is pronounced safe for climbing) and that are supporting of the tourism initiatives it offers.

Happy climbing to all.

RRV, Legazpi City

Anonymous said...


Ang point po is napakataas ng php1,200.00 as climb fee per head. Kung totoo na 9 person yung umakyat na siningil ng ganyan, what more kung mas kokonti yung part ng group diba mas lalaki ang babayaran? Concern lang po kami kasi may mga galing pang Maynila na interesadong umakyat.

Tandaan lang sana ng mga locals, ang mountaineers hindi yan turista. Lahat ng gastos nyan, dugo at pawis ang katapat. PInagipunan lahat yan. Kaya hindi ganun kadali na maglabas ng pera ng basta basta para sa unreasonable na climb fee. Sayang kasi nakabook ako ng seat sale bound to Bicol, and I plan to use it to climb Bulusan. Pero by the looks of it, parang nakakatamad na. Kasi solo hiker ako. Tingin mo magkano sisingilin nila sa akin kung tingin nila sa kada bumibisita na climber sa Bulusan ay cash register?

My thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sir/Ma'am BPS,

Thanks and nice thoughts. My point is, if they don't want to "endure" that lecture then I bet they could just easily stop Mr. Bartilet and regarding the fee, they could have addressed their concern to the right agency. Putting it on the blog won't do anything for them except from hindering or disocuraging other mountaineers from going there and that accomplishes them nothing. They could easily write a letter saying that the fee was exorbitant since they were good at writing then they should channel their energy to the right direction. But don't worry, I have forwarded the previous comment and yours to the right person so that at least they would know that there are concerns about the fee. If you are still interested to climb Bulusan, I could forward Mr. Bartilet's number (would still ask his permission) and hope you will push thru with your plans when Bulusan is declared "fit" for climbing again. For now, Bicol can only offer you Mayon, Malinao, Asog, Isarog, or maybe you want to go spelunking? How 'bout fun climbs to waterfalls? Or a simple lakwatsa in one of the beaches - boating in Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon (200+ha of mangroove reserve, swimming in BAcon's Paguiriran Island/Lagoon? Or maybe try your luck in swimming with the Butanding? And yes, there are fees to be collected.


Anonymous said...

THanks for your initiative Sir RRV. Malaking tulong yan in case maaksyunan. I believe you also have Pulog, Masaraga and Labo. Pag hindi pa pwedeng umakyat ng Bulusan by Jan, then I might reroute to Isarog-PLDT and Asog. I also have a scheduled climbed on Mt. Masaraga next year.

Actually nung una hearsay lang yung pagkakasabi sa akin about that exorbitant fee, coming from a friend who went to Bulusan several times and told me na hindi na cia babalik at "kanila na lang yung bundok nila". Dito ko lang din na "confirm" na totoo nga na me tsismis. I was part of the 100+ Eco trekkers who were stopped from climbing Bulusan last Sept 2009. Andun na eh... tanaw na tanaw mo na, feel na feel mo na. Tapos biglang haharangin at pababalikin dahil sa aberya na hindi mo alam kung kanino nagsimula. To think na di rin biro yung gagastos ka ng pamasahe papunta dun tapos di rin papatuluyin, and that me permit naman yung mga organizers.

Anyways, thanks for what you did and sana maaksyunan nga yang isyu sa Bulusan.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sir/Ma'am BPS,

Yeah, we do have those mountains. We also have Mt. Malinao which is also a good climb. You may want to coordinate first with the local government of Malinao because they are imposing a carrrying capacity on Mt. Malinao (so better have your schedule lined-up). Madaming waterfalls dito and pwede kang mag side trip sa sides nito after mo mag summit. Maganda din ang masaraga though walang tubig, matubig naman sa Isarog but like Malinao, may carrying capacity din siya and I don't know kung hangang ngayon imposed ang rule na sarado ito pag maulan. Haven't tried Pulog though pero I'm dying to. Hoping for your successful climb! (sa kahit alin sa bundok dito sa Bicol)

With regard to that incident in Bulusan Volcano last year, better clear it up with the organizers because as far as I know, it is not AGAP who organized that climb. You may also call Mr. Bartilet at +639184578767 for further clarification and of course, you may also coordinate about your January climb in Mt. Bulusan (and inquire about the fee though ang sabi sakin is Php1,200.00 pa rin kahit one pax lang).


Anonymous said...

Sir RRV I qoute lang kita

"Remember, without this knowledable guides, there won't be any trails or an established one. If that happens, either you cannot climb the mountain or there would be trails and camps everywhere which as a mountaineer, I know you know what are the consequences of the latter. And please be thankful that there are people who are tasked to "look" after our muntains. As a mountaineer, you should be proud of these people (such as AGAP) becuase they are the one who controls the capacity or the mountain."

Actually w/o the guides we were able to climb that mountain many times before pa nagkaroon nang AGAP. Dumaan lang kami sa Brgy. San Roque at nag register w/o even a fee this was late 90's and early 00's and trails where already there sir. AGAP may or may not be doing a good job. Bulusan is not or not yet a protected sanctuary of any animals or kung ano pa man.Pero ang presyo nya in my opinion is sobra compared sa mga bundok na iba sa Luzon or Mindanao. Anyway Goodluck sa mga mountaineers na aakyat jan. Magbaon po kayo nang madaming pera. At young maga bag nyo ipabuhat nyo na lahat sa Porters kasi sayang nang bayad kung ganyan kalaki..

Anonymous said...


Yes, you're right, "Bulusan is not or not yet a protected area for any animals or kung ano pa man" BUT IT IS A PROTECTED AREA nevertheless because it wouldn't be DECLARED AS A NATURAL PARK for nothing . You may inquire the authenticy of Bulusan Volcano National Park as being such at any DENR office ors for convenience try checking this site - It is very enlightening, indeed.

And yes, before AGAP, one could climb Bulusan without that fee. We've done that, too. Members of our group paved the way for this success but even the leader was not bitter for AGAP being there and "reaping" the fruits of our groups success (for establishing the trail). In fact, he is happy to note that there is an organization that took initiative to care for this mountain. Anyways, the fee was approved by the Department of Tourism, DENR (as I've said, Bulusan is declared a Natural Park), and other agencies. Please have your concerns in writting and addressed to the Department of Tourism RO V, and do your research, check what agency of the DENR is concerned for the protected areas. I'm sure your opinion would be heared by the right people. No use in barking at the wrong tree :).


Anonymous said...

mt.bulusan is a protected national park .

Anonymous said...

Protected area or not the fee is too high..I think yan ang kinaiinisan nung mga nag climb.Try comparing the fee's of All National Parks..You'll see the difference.Congrats to AGAP kikita sila nang mgalaki sa mga susunod na taon kasi sumikat na ang bulusan kasi sumabog nag sumabog..tsk..tskk..di kaya nagalit si Mt. Bulusan..

Anonymous said...

Yep it is too high, and talagang kikita sila kung mauulit yung ecotrek last 2009 wherein more than 150 participants joined the climb.

I tried contacting the number you gave, Sir RRV. Mr. Bartilet answered my question as to how much is the fee, php950.00 per head in a group of 5. I asked him if I will still pay 950.00 if I am alone, or the full php4,750.00 group price If I am to climb alone. He didn't answer me. I concluded that it might be because he don't find me profitable in case I would climb as solo. And that fact alone doesn't make me worth his time.


lagataw said...

As a traveler, this is my line of reasoning: Hindi ako inanyayahan ng bundok na akyatin siya! Kung ano man ang kalagayan at kalakaran sa bundok, sumusunod ako or umiiwas...or hanap ng ibang bundok. Yang matataas na fees na yan, siguro they have their reasons. Fraudulent or not, wala na akong pakialam dun. Basta pag namamahalan ako, BANNED ang destination na yan sa listahan ko! ANG DAMING MAGAGANDANG BUNDOK SA PINAS! Mamamatay din ang TURISMO na yan kung hindi makatarungan! I am campaigning against commercial tourism that's why I have BANNED Mt Pinatubo on my list! From my experience pinulitika na ng spa sa Tarlac ang pagpapalakad sa Pinatubo. Hindi lng ang Pinatubo ang magandang bundok sa bansa! Isa pang banned sa listahan ko ay ang Banahaw. Hindi ko na kailangan magpunta dun para i-confirm kung totoo ang mga kwento tungkol sa kagaguhan ng mga taga dun! Wala akong hangad na ilagay ang pangalan ko sa "Walk of Fame" ng Banahaw. E ano ngayon kung nakaakyat ka na sa Banahaw?! Kakaibang experience? Madaming kakaibang experience sa mundo...subukan mong umihi ng patiwarik, kakaibang experience din un! At sa thread na to, candidate na din ang Bulusan sa BANNED list ko! Anong maganda dun? Falls? Dami na akong nakitang mas maganda pa! Kung ang hangad mo naman ay akyatin ang lahat ng bundok sa Pinas then you have to live by the rules of the places you visit...Or if you (visitor or organizer) can manipulate the rules, Congratulations and may God Bless You!
At hindi masama na ilagay sa blog na ito ang saloobin ng isang manlalakbay. Isa sa mga adhikain ng blog ay ang ipamahagi sa ibang hindi nakakaalam ang mga impormasyong maaaring kailanganin ng isang nagtitipid na mountaineer (or nasusuklam sa commercial tourism).
At salamat sa kung sino man ang unang nabiktima at nag voice out ng inis! Nang dahil sayo, nabigyan ng babala ang iba!

The Gift of Mother Nature is Free but Fragile!


gidz300 said...

Nakakalungkot naman ang nangyayari sa Mt. Bulusan. I'm a Sorsogueno and I was dreaming to climb it sana. Anyways marami pa namang bundok sa sorsogon. Isa na ang mt. pulog at di na seguro kelangan ang guide. My google earth naman hehehe. I'm looking for someone to join me to climb it on april. I'm not a professional mountaineer but i used to climb mt. lubong (malapit sa mt. pucdol) no'ng maliit pa ako to bring supply to our grand mother who choosed to live on that mountain. If you are not afraid to lost in the forest and wants to join me, email me at


Fernand Imperial said...

MT. MAYON CAN BE CLIMBED. Ask about the ranger station and look for a decent guide. Accidents do happen but these happen everywhere when carelessness is involved.

I've gone up to camp 2 personally. Start at Doña Pepita I. Aquino Golf Course and ascend to Camp 1. Make camp. Wake up early and ascend to Knife's Edge. Best season is Feb to around April because it's less rainy.

Camp one to Camp two may be difficult depending on weather conditions. Bring really good rubber soles for slippery rock.

JC of CORE Society said...

baka meron pang ibang trail na pwedeng gamitin for Mount Bulusan? imposible naman po siguro na iisa lang ang trail ng Mt Bulusan diba? :-)

Anonymous said...

mother nature is free and because of it there are plenty of people who choose to take advantage of it, to "use" it with wanton disgrace. our mountains now are not just very fragile but they are on the brink of what we call, commercialism. it is but a small wonder that there are still people committed enough to take care of it and stand by their efforts despite unnecessary criticisms. to these people, keep up the good work. future mountaineers will really appreciate your efforts for they at least have a chance to see what we are able to see when we climb our mountains now.

Anonymous said...

hello! i am mitchie and i'm currently residing in naga. i really am fascinated and curious about mountain climbing and i would love to join! as in.. my friends back in manila are doing this pero dito na kasi ako sa naga. saan ba ko magsisimula? i'm totally clueless.. sana maka-join din ako sa inyo.. thank you po. :)

Anonymous said...

sir/maam, bat po walang details about Mt. Malinao?


Anonymous said...

@ mitchie
post mo number mo, para pwd ka macontact ng mga organizer ng open a freelance mountaineer too..cguro unahin mo po ung pag acquire ng modest mountaineering equipments..i hope you'll buy pinoy..there are several local brands na sturdy and good quality po..
actually, my friend and i are planning mt.asog dis holy week baka may gusto po magjoin, para mas tipid sa gastos, hehe
09077566319 po number ko

ra from legazpi city

Anonymous said...

I’m inviting everybody to please come and visit Camarines Norte, you can Surf/Skim and Climb Mt. Labo there. Although I’m not there because I’m working now here in abroad, my outdoor group there is happy to guide you and your group.
They have the training, equipment, experience and discipline to help you reach the summit of Mt. Labo.

I’m happy to be a member and proud to present you my mountaineering group the ORYOL OUTDOOR, INC.
Thank you and always remember our outdoor code “take, leave and kill nothing“

Daet, Camarines Norte, Philippines
Let’s chat:

U.S. Naval Base
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

@jc of core society sir ang alam kong trail sa mt. bulusan 3 4x times ko na yan na akyat nung nasa bikol pa ako di kami kumukuha ng guide pag inaakyat namin yan nagpaparegister lang kami sa brgy. bago pumasok wala din bayad ung pagparegister namin.

bulan outdoor club

Anonymous said...

Hi anybody interested sa mt. pulag climb via ambangeg-ambangeg on april 3-6, 2012 (if youre from bicol inc. travel time)actual climb april 4-5 organizers fee, just ur actual fare and all fees required by to all,bicolanos and me at



Anonymous said...

Hi anybody want to try hiking in Albay? We could assist you for arranging a climb to Mts. Mayon, Masaraga and Malinao...or you could combine the three so you could fully utilize your time here! just email or visit Adventure Consultants page in FB! Salamat Pinoy Mountaineer! ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!


Anonymous said...


As of April 27,2012, Mt. Bulusan is under Alert Level 0, meaning its back to normal conditions.. Anybody here could help us with information as to the "hiking scenario" in Bulusan? Do authorities grant climbing permits now? Thanks.


clangclang said...

I just ant to commend the usefulness of this site to our recent planning (or should i say, dreaming hahaha)...the pictures of the summits of mounts pulag, pico de loro and isarog are inspiring...i'm posting it to my blog. i hope it's okay. i'm making a link to this site so everything's credited!thanks much!
after Mt. Pinatubo (which was accidental), we're having this sudden frenzy about treks and hopefully, mountain climbs (or is it the same?)

travelandothers said...

Hi Sir Gideon,

Any entry on Pocdol Mountains in Sorsogon?

I spoke with Cris, the guide for Masaraga. I can't wait to climb it in August! I'll be camping and spending the night there as I am arriving in the afternoon, and I am just a beginner climber. I got most of my info through your Web site and I thought I'd say thanks. Cheers!

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